Tuesday, May 19, 2020

My "Reminiscence"

I bet my MMQG friends will be surprised to see that I have finally finished this quilt.  I have been dragging it back and forth to our Sew Ins to work on for several years now trying to get the handquilting finished.  I lost interest in finishing it when I discovered that I only wanted to be a free motion quilter and my handquilting came to a standstill. There was a only a bit done on it and I had a long way to go but I didn't have time for handquilting anymore.  With the Stay at Home thing going on I figured now was the time to get the handquilting finished up.  I am in love again!  It turned out so soft and cuddly and lovely and get this....I stopped handquilting at the borders and finished up the two borders with free motion quilting on my Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0.    I threw a little modern into a traditional quilt.  I made it mine! Awesome!

A bit about this quilt.....

From the pattern by Rabbit Factory ..."Reminiscence" 

I only did 9 blocks and omitted the swag border.  My thought was to use mine as a wallhanging in my livingroom which, at the time, I had painted to match the tan colours! Change of plan...this will not be going on my livingroom wall now. I know someone who will love to own this.  It will be gifted. 

All the fabrics for the applique were given to me in kit form by some awesome friends of mine who were members of the Marco Polo Quilt Guild in Saint John, NB, when I lived there in the early 90s.  I hand appliqued the blocks using the back-basting method taught to me by a wonderful friend and amazing appliquer, Kathy Barton.  Miss you!  

May 2011 - There are 175 - 3" nine patch blocks to make up the sashings.  Each of those has a triangle sewn to each corner. That's 700 triangles!  

March 2013 - started handquilting 

May 2020 -  Finished!  Yahoo!  Off my list and off my mind!

My favourite block  

Take care, stay safe and I hope you get something finished up.  It's a great feeling!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Blogging break over!

Guess I took a blogging break!  Nearly six months since my last post!  Yikes! 

During this time of staying home, I figured it was time to check in and see if all is well with you.  

I am doing ok and sewing away, organizing scraps, basting quilts and quilting up a few.  I am trying not to start any new large projects until I get a few more quilted and off the UFO list.

Here is one that I finished up today with no one in particular in mind as of yet. A great way to use up a  layer cake from a few years ago.  I threw out the label so I don't remember which line or designer these squares are from.   I separated the layer cake into blues/greens for the front and gold/orange/brown for the back, added the 10" grey squares for a simple design. Took a while to get everything to line up during basting so that the back was in synch with the front or at least close. A reversible quilt.   
55" x 65"

lol  a blue one escaped from the front!

I free motion quilted with a zigzaggy weave design.  I used a variegated light to dark grey Aurifil colour number 4670 in 40wt. 

Not my favourite quilt or my best job but I did use up the layer cake that was kicking around for a few years.  I am trying to use up stuff while we are staying at home for who knows how long. 

Take care of yourself and those around you.

                            💗 Stay The Blazes Home 💗


Monday, October 21, 2019

Star Quilt Maker by Lesley

Just had to pop in and show you the sweetest little quiltlet ever!  Made for me by Lesley the Cuddle Quilter.  My sweet friends and I (NSQBQ), for the past several years, have swapped quilted items.  This past year our theme was "words".  Take a look at this little gem that I received. Look at all the detail that Lesley has sewn into this.  It is called "Star Quilt Maker".  Lesley is one herself!  Look at the cute little detachable letters, each one free motion quilted and bound, held on by elastic and a star shaped button.  The background in selvedges, my fave!  And the back, with the binding hand stitched on the back.  So much to see.  Lesley used every text print she had and even wrote freehand on one piece herself.  Note Lesley's very own fabric in the lower left corner.  She has captured most of my quilty likes in this one little 20" x 24" creation.  This will hang proudly in my sewing room.  Thank you, Lesley! 💖

Friends who quilt are the best!!!   Have yourself a wonderful quilty day. 😊

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Deer Me!

Lots of sewing in my world since my last post. I want to show you the wallhanging that I finished.  It has been on my To-Do List for a long, long time. I first saw this pattern, "Oh Deer" by Laura Heine a few years ago and I was drawn to it even though I am not a big fan of deer on my quilts. Go figure!   I bought an entire bolt of the fabric with the deer.  It is called Doiland Gloss Silver by Katarina Roccella and then I spent a long time gathering just what I wanted to create my collaged deer.    I enjoyed the entire process.  My first time making a collage.  Cutting all the flower motifs from my yardage was fun but I sure made a mess.  

I raw edged appliqued the outer deer shape and the collage in free motion and quilted the background in free motion too.  A fun project!  It hangs in my family room.  
Here's a shot of the back.  

I hope you are having a great summer and also getting time to work on your projects.  😊

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Quilt Canada and Family

Just popping in to let you know that Quilt Canada 2019 is happening starting tomorrow, June 12,  and running until the 15th of June, in Ottawa.  Since RetiredHub has family in Ottawa/Kanata, we have combined attending the quilt show and visiting with family for a few days.  I will probably be at the quilt show on Thursday so if you happen to be there as well, shout out to me.  I may be lurking around my lovely little guild's concurrent show which is also happening and we are all very proud of the work of our awesome members.   I was happy to have a quilt, that I worked on with my sweet friend and fellow quiltmate,  Karen of KaHolly, chosen to be part of the display.  You can see more about this quilt, called "Best Friends Share, here.  I am just about to hop a plane so maybe I will see you there.   

Have a wonderful, quilty day! 😊

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Potter's Wheel Interrupted

Just finished up this 42" x 52"  quilt that I made using 12 blocks from the Potter's Wheel pattern by Briar Hill Designs.  I wimped out at 12 blocks, 8 on the front and 4 on the back,  mostly because I didn't have enough fabric to do what I wanted to make a large quilt and I just didn't want to buy more fabric so I opted for something smaller. I set the blocks so that I had lots of negative space to try my hand at free motion baptist fans. I didn't pre mark the fans and things got a bit wonky and I decided to just go for it and quilt the way that makes me happy.   I used three different colours of thread..mint, pink and grey.  The prints are Tula Pink and the solid background is Kona Gotham Grey.  

Hope you had a day filled with quilting! 😊

Sunday, March 31, 2019

14 quilts in 12 weeks! Goal Accomplished!

The last quilt in my "Golden Oldies" Quest is now complete!  WooHoo! 
This last one will be called "A Finish for Ann". 
The front is made using string blocks that I sewed on telephone book pages.  
You can read about the significance of this quilt top I made in May of 2010 HERE
 I used another UFO on the back.  This was not pieced by me, it was pieced by my quilting buddy Ann so I thought I would make a reversible quilt with both sides being connected to my friend.  For me, it is a memory quilt.  Well. that's it!  No more older quilt tops to finish.  All in all, since Jan. 1, I have completed 14 quilts, 10 of which were my older UFOs.  I am going to take a little rest from basting and quilting and binding.  I still have to make labels but that will get done in the near future. 

58" x 75"

I quilted in freemotion wavy lines using Aurifil 2024 white.  

Thanks for following along with me on my quest.  It was fun and also cost me a bit of money....1 x 30 yrd bolt of Hobb's 20/80 batting, 6 cans of spray baste, 3 boxes of Colour Catchers, 2 large bottles of Dawn.  Maybe I should sell a few!! 

Hope you are getting some older projects finished up too.  It's a great feeling!  😊

Friday, March 29, 2019

The end is in sight!

My next finish in my "Golden Oldie" quest is this hand appliqued gem.  It is from the pattern called "Garden Window" by Carolann M. Palmer 1992. 

I blogged about working on this quilt in March of 2010 saying that it was probably 5 years previous since I started it so that would make it 2005ish!  
I remember that I used fabrics that I had dyed myself.  I also only made 9 of the 12 blocks in the pattern and I set it differently than the original pattern as well.  I also omitted the appliqued border.  I loved how the background of each block was a different quilt pattern,  You can see dresdan plate, drunkard's path, log cabin etc. peeking out from behind the flower sprays.   I freemotion quilted each block differently without much forethought.  I just waiting until I got to the next block before I figured out what to quilt. 

65" x 65"
And yes, all those hand dyed fabrics bled like crazy so it was into the Dawn Bath for 15 hours and all was well.  No screaming this time!

Here's a few closeups.  I still have to remove some of the basting stitches from the appliques.  

I am working on my last "Golden Oldie" and then my quest is complete. The end is in sight!   So happy and proud of myself! And so happy to have your encouragement along the way.  It kept me going. 
 I will be moving on to new projects soon.  I am off to my quilting retreat in a week and it was my goal to finish my quest by retreat. 

Have a quilty weekend!  😊

Monday, March 25, 2019

A Quiltastrophe!...and a finish

I am super happy to have this "Golden Oldie" done and dusted!  I started this in September of 2011 as a quilt along with Jenifer Dick @42Quilts.  It is called "Traditional Tuesday".  A block a week and there are 64 blocks.  I didn't intend to have a red/white/blue quilt as I had started out wanting to make a blue and white quilt and then for some reason added a spark of red here and there and then the next thing you know I have a red/white/blue quilt.  Oh well, I can always make another blue and white quilt! I freemotion quilting a loop-de-loop stitch all over. 

75" square

The blue strippy panel on the left hand side is a jelly roll race quilt top that I made and didnt like so I cut it up and used it in other projects.  This the last panel.  The text print is by Lori Holt from the Bee Backing collection.  

When I say super happy I mean a super duper kind of happy. Jumping up and down happy!
  See all that Kona Midnight in the borders and the binding, not to mention the raging reds..well,  here's how that went....

1. pretty sure none of the fabrics in this scrappy delight were prewashed. so what could I do? just went for it...threw it in the washer with 6 colour catchers a small bottle of Synthrapol and cold water

2.  looked fine after first wash, although colour catchers were black.  I didn't see any amount of bleeding that worried me , figured the colour catchers caught it all, so into the dryer.

3. Post-dryer...Screaming could be heard...It was me!  My quilt is soft and cuddly but littered with huge blotches of navy blue and RED dye bleeds all over the front and  right through to the backing.  I am upset!

4. Remembered a post about how to save a bleeding quilt by Suzy Quilts.  Immediately filled the tub with the hottest water, added a cup of Dawn,  6 colour catchers....add quilt....Water is immediately black.

5. Drain tub, repeat.  I repeated this 4 times until midnight and I went to bed and dreamed all night about my ruined quilt.

6.  Morning.  Drain tub. put quilt into washer with more colour catchers. crossed my fingers and hoped for a miracle. 

7.  After soaking for 22 hours, my quilt came out PERFECTLY BLEED FREE!   not a speck of dye. Talk about super duper happy!
    Yes.  It takes a long time but it works!

Lesson learned about prewashing certain fabrics and not trusting to luck,  but also I won't get quite as upset about dye bleeds anymore as I know they can be removed.

My "Golden Oldie" quest is nearing the end.  Working on an applique quilt right now and then one more after that (Another reversible one) .  I am getting anxious to finish and move on to other things but so nice to have this giant UFO monkey off my back!!

Have a quilty day! 😊

ps...I may have overdone it with the Dawn dish liquid but I was desperate.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mum's Stitches

I am not sure how long this quilt top has been on my UFO list.  My "Golden Oldies" list.  But I figure it must be around 10 years.  The cross stitching is my Mother's handwork.  She loved to sit and stitch up stamped quilt blocks for me to turn into quilts. At 87 she no longer has the dexterity to stitch so these will definitely be treasured.   This is the second full size one stitched by her that I have quilted up.  She reminded me of other blocks she has stitched in the past that I was supposed to finish up into a quilt for her that had been put out of sight (out of mind as well )  So more UFOs but they aren't part of this finishing quest that I am currently working on. 
This quilt is so difficult to photograph.  I was exhausted from trying to get a nice outdoor photo and I apologize , this is the best I could do.😞

86" x 104"

this shot is very true to real colour

I traced the motifs on using a template and an air disappearing pen by Clover and quilted in free motion.   

It really turned out lovely and my Mother was quite happy to have it for one of her bedrooms. 
I am currently quilting a large sampler and when that one is completed I will be  down to three tops left to deal with from my "Golden Oldies" list.  

Hope you are having a quilty day and finishing up something on your list. 😄  

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Another "Two-fer"!

I just crossed two more quilt tops off my "Golden Oldies" list.  This one is another "Two-fer", so aptly coined by quilting friend, Linda @Stitch Lines

 On the front is my version of Bonnie Hunter's "Orca Bay" from her mystery quiltalong which started in Nov 2011.  This top has been waiting to be quilted since Feb of 2012.  I am calling my quilt "Prospect Village" as I drew the colours from an old photo of where I grew up.  Blue for the ocean, yellow for the sunny summer days, and burgundy/reds for the old fishing stage/wharf across the cove from our house.   

The colour of the sky and ocean was just amazingly blue in Prospect today.  Hurry up, Spring!

And on the back....a quilt top I made from scraps of two other quilts.  I added some solid white to make it larger to become the back.  I quilted this one from the back as it was easier to see where I was going than on the front.  Tons of seams, but my trusty "Petunia" didn't have a problem.  

5 more tops left to deal with.  Next up is a stamped, hand embroidered quilt top that my mother stitched up several years ago and I am now finally getting around to quilting it up.  She has been very patient waiting for me to work on her top. 💖

Hope you have time today to do something quilty! 😊

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Turquoise Scrappy Strings

I was into making string quilts in 2010/2011.  I made 5 large size tops in that year or so.  A pink one, a green one, a blue/yellow one, a turquoise one and a multicolour one.
 As of today, 4 are quilted and only one is remaining to be quilted, the multicolour one.  I finished the turquoise scrappy string today.  I sewed the strings on a muslin foundation.  That makes it a heavy quilt but I didn't have any trouble quilting it.  I stitched a large meander over the entire surface and was done in just a few hours.  It measures 58" x 75".  One more checked off my "Golden Oldies" list.  

A quiet Sunday with most of my day spent sewing like crazy. I have to make up for that lost hour of sewing! lol 
How about you?  Getting any sewing done today?  😊

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Two Birds with one Stone!

Today, I am able to cross another quilt top off  "My Golden Oldies" list.  Make that two quilt tops!  From March 2011.  Read more. 

I discovered and fell in love with improvisational piecing in mid 2010.  I had a lot of jewel toned scraps and decided to delve into trying my hand at creating some improv blocks.  I made twelve blocks. We will call this Quilt Top #1. 

 At the same time I was working on another quilt top, #2, using  many of the same jewel tones as well.   I remember having lots of trouble to get the pieced border of # 2 to fit so I switched gears and added it to Top #1. 

The other day I was looking for fabric to piece a backing for Top #1, as it was next up for quilting and it came to me...why am I piecing a backing for this top,  why not use Top # 2 for the backing!! Brilliant!  So I made Top #2 larger by adding a beige print border and got to work basting them together and quilting with a freemotion curvy side to side stitch.   Now I have a reversible quilt as well as the fact that I didn't have to make two quilts!  I am quite pleased with myself.  

Top # 2 (and the outer border from Top #1) are from the pattern, "Crown Jewels" from XBlocks by Patricia Pepe. 

62" x 73"

Only 9 more tops on my Golden Oldies list left to go.  I will be happy when they are all complete.  That will be my joy! 

Too much snow in the past few days so I was unable to get some nice outdoor shots.  More snow tonight!  Aaaarrrgh!