Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What's Happening.

I adore free motion quilting.  It makes me just plain happy!  I love it so much that I teach classes from time to time to pass along what I know about FMQ to others in the hopes that they will  fall in love as I have.  I kicked around buying a mid-arm quilting machine for the past year and finally made the decision last week to buy a Pfaff  Powerquilter 16.0 .  I have been playing with it for the past several day and I am very pleased with its performance.  With 16" of throat space and 8" of vertical height, there is plenty of room to move a large quilt around. I will be starting to quilt my first quilt on my new machine very soon.

I have been working on two original quilt projects the past couple of weeks.  The first one is almost finished. I call it "Jelly Roll Race Squared",  I cut up the remaining pieces of Tula Pink's "Eden" collection that I had, into 2 1/2 inch strips, not sure how many strips I ended up with.  I divided all the strips into four groups of colour . One pink, one purple and two green.  I cut the yellow  and orange strips into 2 1/2" squares and then... I sewed each of the four colour groups in jelly roll race fashion, inserting a square of colour in between the strips.  After sewing up the mini jelly roll races, I sewed the two green ones together to make one strip so it would equal the other two strips in length.  I will insert a narrow strip of medium dark grey to join the strips and bind it in the grey.  

My second project is called "The End of Nummers"    My supply of Ikea's coveted "Nummers" fabric is drying up. You can see that I have used it in several projects over the past few years, if you follow my blog.  So this trilogy of small quilted pieces is my tribute to the wonderful time I have had collecting and sewing up this giant texty print.  I still have a shipment on it's way but it will be the last one. Many thanks to my Fabric Mule for all the time and trouble spent in making my collection possible.  I also used up most of the leftovers from my Alison Glass "Handcrafted" fat quarter pack as well as strips of Nummers that were leftover from other projects.   So, totally scrappy! Here it is...

"Nummer One"
I appliqued the curvy borders..love how it turned out

                                                                     " Nummer Two "

                                                                "Nummer Three"

My plan is to group these three pieces, when completed, together in an arrangement on the wall.  Still have work to do as I am not completely sure how they will end up.  That's how I roll!

Hope you had time to do something quilty today! 

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network for some weekly work in progress reports from Canadian quilters.  Stop by and check it out.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday #4

It's time for Throwback Thursday Vol. #4 over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge with Jenn.  I am joining in the linky to show a quilt from my past....completed in September of 1998 to be exact. I don't think I ever blogged about this one before.  It has been hiding in a bin under my bed with several other small quilts from that time frame.  I pulled it out this morning and quickly tacked it up on the wall to get a photo.

The pattern, "Times and Seasons"  is from the 1998 Piecemaker's calendar. The original pattern had appliqued corner triangles but I chose to be different and make it an octagon shape.  I remember that I traced all the pattern pieces on cereal box cardboard.  Techniques included are hand applique (needle turn method), piecing with templates, a bit of paperpiecing, reverse applique. There was also a bit of embellishment happening with buttons and some embroidery stitches.  It is handquilted by me.  It measures 60" square, if it was a square!  It hung in my living room for several years before it got relegated to the bin under the bed.  

Here's a few closeups......

My bunny looks like he has an attitude!
Stop by Jenn's blog and check out all the other linkups. Why not join in too.  There's a sweet giveaway! 

Hope you get time to do some quilting today!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Breaking Away" by Me

I finished up my Tula Pink quilt last night.  Another idea out of my brain and into fabric.  I call it "Breaking Away".  It measures 48" x 50".  I always make weird sized quilts lol! Because I couldn't wait for the three missing purples to come in stock , I couldn't include every print from the "Eden"line, so there are only 22 in my quilt.  I have since bought the three missing purples and will make something else with them.

The quilting on this quilt is all in free-motion using my Pfaff QE 4.0.  Organic wavy lines through the purple at the top, then spirals through pink and organic wavy lines again through the green at the bottom.  I used a size 80/12 Superior Titanium needle with Wonderfil Tutti 50# variegated threads. I used purple thread TU18 on the purple strips and pink thread TU15 on the pink strips and green TU31 on the green. I adore how the purple, pink and green thread plays on the Kona Coal background, especially on the back. It's hard to capture it in a photo using my cell phone.

Feels so good to make a quilt and love every minute of it! 
Hope you had time to do something quilty today.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Happening!

It's an absolutely gorgeous Fall day here in my part of the world, Nova Scotia.  If you would like to see some amazing Fall Colours photos of my province, you can click on this link 

My sewing room has been busy the past few days.  I made a pillow for my lovely little guild's pillow swap next month but when my daughter saw it, she begged me to give it to her and make something else for the swap.  What's a mother to do?  Now I need to find something else to make for the swap. 

The pattern for this pillow is from Corey Yoder's book "Playful Petals" and is called "Tossed Petals Pillow"  I used some scraps of Tula Pink's "Eden" to make the petals.  I applied the petals with fusible web and then raw edge appliqued them to the background.  I used Carolyn Friedlander's Scribble Notes in Charcoal from her Architextures line.  This text print is at the top of my faves list.  I improvechoed (my term) in freemotion in the text print area and ghostquilted petals surrounded by pebbling in the corner squares.
Then to finish, I did some quilting around the large circular flowers in the border area and finally, added a topstitch around the outer edge

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought some 12# Aurifil thread from Karen Neary while I visited her booth at the |Zonta Bazaar in Amherst.  After seeing the good results she had here, I decided I would  try it.  Oh my, yes, Karen was right!  It is just gorgeous to work with and the result is amazing.  I used the needle she suggested, 50# Aurifil in the bobbin, didn't adjust my tension at all and I ended up with a wonderful hand stitched look. The stitch I chose is #59 on my Pfaff QE 4.0. Not one broken thread and everything went smoothly, which is what we want to happen.  I recommend this thread.   I love the look! ( I contacted Karen and she has been super busy with workshops and trunk shows and just hasn't had time to put the 12# on her website for sale yet.  If you are interested in buying some, just send her an email, which you can find on her website)

for the back, I pieced together a few larger chunks I had leftover from My Tula Pink quilt.

I started the machine quilting on my quilt using Tula Pink "Eden" fabrics, that I am calling "Breaking Away".  For this quilt, I am using Wonderfil "Tutti" 50# with an 80/12 topstitch needle.

I am quilting in freemotion and making wonky, organic lines.  So far, so good!

BTW, you should drop on over to Karen R's blog (KaHolly) and check out the giveaway she is having. 
You could win a Karen Chase of Sugar Free Quilts. pincushion pattern!  I have one, and it is my favourite.  

Hope all is well in your quilty world.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Amherst is Awesome, Again! Part Two

As you can tell, from my previous post, I thoroughly enjoyed myself while attending N.S. Fibre Arts Festival with my lovely little guild.  I think we may nab a few more members as a result too.  We have approx. 66 members as we speak.  Not bad for only starting up just 2 years ago and being spread around the Maritimes.  
l to r   Amanda (our Swapmaster), Me and Jeanette (our secretary)

The first time I attended the NSFAF was in 2010 and I have made the 2 hour trip every year since.  After looking back on my blog, I had posted that it was the first time I met Karen Neary, Amherst, Nova Scotia's awesome quilt designer, quilting book author, quilt pattern designer and beautiful person.  You can see all her accomplishments on her blog, and there are lots!  Did you know that she made a quilt for Paul McCartney when he visited Nova Scotia.  Very Cool!
Karen has added Aurifil thread to her list of quilty things for sale on her blog.  Since I love using Aurifil thread in my Pfaff QE 4.0, I hightailed it to the Zonta Bazaar last Saturday where Karen was set up to sell her selection of threads.  I love the 50# and use it all the time but I also wanted to try some 28# and 12#.
I will let you know how that works for me.

Of course, any quilter worth her weight in fabric, has to visit Mrs. Pugley's Emporium on Victoria St.  Here's what I bought.......

Bought these fat quarters at Riel Nason's trunk show

Another amazing highlight of my time in Amherst was spending quality time with quilty friends.
My beautiful friend, Karen R. of KaHolly arrived from Cape Breton to enjoy her first Fibre Fest and spend time with me and my daughter, Nicola.   We stayed at the same motel and spent time hanging out together and tending our quilt display. 
  As usual, my caretaker friend made me a gift.  An early birthday gift.  The lovely little thread basket that you see in the pic.  When she spent time visiting with me last month at my house, she noticed that I didn't have a thread basket on my work table so of course, she made me one!  So sweet.  Thanks Karen!

I will leave you with some shots of my quilty peeps and me. There are a few faces missing but rest assured we all had a great time and will be back next year, bigger and better.

Karen R, and Karen C

l to r  -  Karen R., Val L, Karen C and Me

Riel and Me and her two sweeties

Val L. doing some letting and Karen C. watching and learning

Val and Me

l to r    Karen C and Val

Our fearless President, Adrienne, doing what she does. 

closeup of Val making a block for her Kona Nerd quilt

I even had a chance to show two sweet little girls how to sew a seam.  Future quilters?

Hope you are lucky enough to be involved with a quilty group of wonderful, inspiring  women.  I sure am!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amherst is Awesome Again! Part One

Yes, Amherst is Awesome! Amherst, Nova Scotia that is.  The location of the 8th Annual Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival that happened this last week.  For the second year, my lovely little guild, Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, participated by displaying the many works of its members.  

Jeanette (our secretary) and I (social media coordinator) took the lead on organizing the Show this year.  We collected quilts and quilty items from members and headed to Amherst Town Hall on October 15 to set them up for display.  If you ever get the chance to visit Amherst during Fibre Fest, you won't be disappointed.  Get in touch with me if you need more details.

We had lots of help to set up and also to speak with visitors and answer questions over the three days.  A few busloads of quilters arrived and went through our display on Friday.  There are other quilt shows going on in town at the same time so it is a quilters heaven really. Of course, we had to stay overnight so there was lots of socializing as well. So nice to get time to spend with everyone.  There is so much to tell you but I decided to just give you some highlights of my time and to give you some links to visit for lots of photos etc.

Here is the link to the post (that I wrote) on the  MMQG blog so you can see all the amazing quilts we had in our Show.  

Check out this link to our President, Adrienne's blog and read about her fun times in Amherst

Jennifer, our Vice-President, blogged about her time too, with some wonderful photos of the architecture in Amherst.

MMQG member Lesley came from Cape Breton to attend quilting workshops and hang around with us. She had a few quilts in the Show too.   So lovely to get to see her since she lives a distance away. 

Karen C. blogged about her visit too. We need to number our Karens!  By age? By beauty? By who made the most quilts? By who knew Linda first? LOL   Stop by her blog, she just started it up and needs a little bloggy love.

A highlight of my time in Amherst, was getting the chance to meet up with Riel Nason of 
The Q and the U blog fame.  Also, a pleasure to meet her family who came along to help her out with her trunk show.  Riel and I have met before and I am a big fan from way back.  My first piece of modern designer fabric came from winning a scrapbag giveaway on her blog several years ago.  I still have a few of them. I used some in my Bottled Rainbows quilt. Riel is also an amazing selvedge quilter.  Her new book will be available in early 2016.  Check out her blog for more info.  She has some great tutorials as well.  I love her random railfence method.  

Here are just a few of Riel's quilts from her trunk show that I attended and thoroughly enjoyed.  So great to be able to see her quilts in person.  Halloween quilts are her favourite thing and she is showcasing them on her blog.  To see lots and lots more, check out her blog.

Riel made this for her daughter.  Love the New Brunswick flags 

The background fabric is covered in ants!  


A really big highlight for me personally,  was that I sold a quilt!  Yes, even though I don't sell my quilts I decided to let one go for a price.  "I Love Chai" has gone to a new home and I am quite happy with that.
Here is me and Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter holding up my quilt for a good-bye photo. (Lesley is not the new owner, she makes her own awesome quilts!) You can read about this quilt HERE

I have more to show and tell you but I think I will save the rest for another post for tomorrow.  Til then.....

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's Happening !

Here's a look at the progress on the quilt that I am making using 22 prints from Tula Pink's "Eden" collection.  I am calling it  "Breaking Away".  No special meaning.  Just looks to me like the wonky strips want to be somewhere else.

 It is all basted and ready to go under the needle. It measure about 60" square. I am thinking about  quilting it with these threads... WonderFil Tutti 50wt.   Starting at the top of the quilt, I will use  the purple thread on the purple strips, pink on pink and green on green.  I want to try some free motion "organic" straight lines from side to side  for the quilting.  

I will be busy for the next few days.  My lovely little guild is participating in the 
8th Annual Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst, Nova Scotia again this year, for just the second time, and I am helping to set up the display tomorrow for a Friday and Saturday showing at Amherst Town Hall on Victoria Street (Festival Headquarters). Stop by and say hello if you are in town for the Festival.  I would love to see you and I would love for you to see all the quilty goodness made by my guildmates. You will be inspired!   Check out NSFAF website, at the link above, for info or please feel free to get in touch with me.   

I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network.  Stop by and check out all the quilty goodness from across Canada.  

Hope you get time to do some quilting today!