Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fun with Selvedges!

I adore scraps of fabric and what is the ultimate scrap?  A selvedge, of course.  Some dispose of them, some don't know what to do with them.  Those that do know what to do with them, like me, take great pleasure in these stringy, colour dotted, usable scraps. Selvedge collectors now have more than dots to collect.  The selvedges on the newer fabrics are little gems.  Look at this cute is this one !

Here's a few of my current favourites:

Cut here!

Awesome little mustachioed Pepe in a Beret
Who doesn't love a Charley Harper selvedge

17 colour dots on this one.  Do you have one with more dots?  Love to see it

All this talk of selvedges is leading to the fact that I am going to follow along with Jessica @Quilty Habit and Renee @Quilts of a Feather and link up my post to show how I store  my selvedges.

This is my boxful of newer style fabric selvedges.  I have great connection with some quilty friends who toss them my way.  Thanks to all who contribute to my addiction!

I keep all my blue and green selvedges in this bag and I am working on sewing them to phone book pages in order to make a string quilt

In this sectioned box, I keep all my older selvedges, grouped in colours for easy access.  There are a ton of selvedges in this box.
So, with the help of this selvedge-along, I hope to tame some of this hoard and make some useful items.  I have been collecting for the past several years and have made some useful things.  Here is my favourite.....I use it every day!

I have made several pillows from selvedge blocks and I also use them on the back of envelope pillows for a bit of interest. I use them for tying up packages and keeping bundles of fabric together.   

So, I hope you will follow along too.  Go here and here for the link-ups and schedule.  There will be some wonderful tutorials as well.  Here is the first one, a selvedge cushion by Jessica .  

Have fun and I hope you get some time today to make something quilty!  


  1. I'm a collector, but haven't done anything with them yet. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing with theirs! :-)

  2. I love C + S and Charley Harper selvedges. Thanks for sharing how you use yours. I'll have to make time to do something with mine.

  3. I have a box overflowing with them little gems but wasn't quite sure how I wanted to use them , you have inspired me to delve in and do something ! Love all of your projects :-)

  4. Love seeing how you use your salvedges! I have a collection, too, always waiting for the right idea!

  5. Linda, I had no idea collecting selvedges had come this far! You have more selvedges than I have scraps! I always love seeing what you make with them. I think, for now, I'm just going to keep collecting them for you! Because I work mainly from scraps, I really don't accumulate too many. See you soon! XO

  6. Goodness - this has totally passed me by and I have to say I am not enthused! But, I look forward to seeing what you produce - you have made some lovely things so far. xx

  7. Those are really great selvages. Have fun creating with them.

  8. That little selvage purse! Ah, the cuteness! I love the box with the dividers for separating the colors. Thanks for linking up with the Selvage Along!

  9. So glad you've jumped on the bandwagon. I'd say your blogging mojo has returned. And yes. Yes, I am very jealous of your selvage stash! I'll be searching for one with more than 17 dots now!

  10. These are so lovely! I LOVE the Pepe one! Hilarious. :D Thanks for participating!

  11. I have tons but haven't used them yet. Hoping to get some inspiration from the QAL.


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