Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nuts about Selvedges

You may think I am nutsy, but I like to consider myself quilting anyway.  I want to share a little problem solving tip that I use when sewing with selvedges.

Sometimes, a friend will give me a selvedge that may be trimmed just shy of enough fabric to add the next one on.  So here is what I do....I never throw them out, I just make a new one.  Take a narrow strip of fabric, turn under the edge 1/4" and topstitch it to the selvedge .  I would use matching thread unlike my little sample in the pic.   There you go, ready to use in your project.

OK the fabric doesn't match the selvedge, but who will notice that in the grand scheme?  You can pick and choose your colours too which is helpful if you are going for a certain combo.  

A win-win for scrapbusting!


  1. Am I that friend?? I think I am!!! I'll be sure to cut extra next time:)

  2. Nuts about Selvedges, eh? Nope, not at all. I don't see how the title could potentially apply to the situation you describe... Seems pretty normal to me. ;)

  3. LOL Only you, Linda, would think of that trick. Awesome!!

  4. Thanks for the tip as I save and collect selvages.....


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