Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A Wedding Quilt

So happy to say It's Finished!!   I can finally share photos of the wedding quilt I made for my nephew, Andrew and his beautiful bride, Ashley.

 The wedding date was set for July of 2020,  The fabric was purchased by Ashley, in Calgary, at Out of Hand quilt shop, on October 19, 2019.  It was brought to me in Halifax, by my sweet sister, Andrew's mother, and I got to sewing the top and had it all sewn up by late January of 2020.  The plan was for me to bring the completed top to Calgary for the wedding and have the wedding guests sign best wishes on fabric squares which I would bring back to Halifax with me and sew them into the quilt backing and finish it up...easy peasy ...then we all know what happened.  Uncertainty, cancellation (twice) and then finally on July 4, 2021 the wedding took place in Calgary (without me!) .  The signed blocks were mailed out to the wedding guests, returned, and then they were brought to me and the final result you can see below.  

THE PATTERN -  "Maypole" by Suzy Quilts (chosen by Ashley)

THE FABRICS -  Kona White, Indigo, Metal, Titanium and Pink

DIMENSION    -  100" x 106"

QUILTING        -  all in free motion by ME

BINDING          -  Kona Indigo 

THREADS         -  matching colour thread on top (Aurifil 50wt) and 

                               light grey (Aurifil 50wt) on bottom 

BATTING           -  Hobbs Heirloom 20/80 in white 

I marked my quilting lines with a hera marker and the quilting was easier than I thought it was going to be.  Because of the weight of this quilt, I took my time so as not to aggravate my shoulder issue.  It took me about a week to quilt it.  


For the backing, I made a 40" x 44" miniature of the front design.  I then surrounded that with the 6" squares signed by the wedding guests.  All that was surrounded by Kona Titanium to bring it to size.   


So, there it is. It was really hard to get a good photo of it.   It weighs a ton.  I don't think it will fit in my washer!  

I have made two other family wedding quilts that involved having the wedding guests write their best wishes to the bride and groom. An awesome wedding keepsake.   Thought you might like to see.  

Made for my niece and her husband married in 2014.  This quilt is the same pattern as my niece's childhood quilt that I made for her, which was in bad shape from overloving.  

For my nephew and his wife married in 2017. She chose the front design and he chose the back design for the guests to sign.  


  1. Absolutely stunning and full of love!

  2. Such a beautiful story and gift

  3. Amazing quilt and quilting , what a treasure fo4 the bride and groom love the other wedding quilts as well , you are a very talented lady. ❤

  4. They will treasure it forever and ever!! 💜

  5. The quilt is beautiful, but the back is incredible! Such a special gift, and one that surely be cherished.

  6. Stunning! And with all those lovely squares on the back such a lovely memento. Beautiful work and great planning. xx

  7. What a fabulous idea .. all the wedding quilts are lovely

  8. Beautiful quilts, Linda! Family keepsakes for sure.


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