Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 And now for something different....I made a quilt with colours I don't care for.  I was attracted to the design mostly and decided to challenge myself to work with the Kona colours suggested by the pattern Elements by Ariga Mahmoudlou, a free pattern by Robert Kaufman.  I now kinda like it since adding the striped binding and so I will probably love it once it comes out of the dryer.  

I had a lot of tension issues while free motion quilting which resulted in some thread nests on the back (which I may or may not pick out)  because my machine needs servicing, but I kept plugging on to get it finished even though my stitching is not the best in areas.  My machine will be dropped off soon to get a check up.  

56" x 69"

I used fabrics from the front to make the improv backing

Hope you had a great day and got some quilting done.  On to the next project! 😊


  1. Beautiful quilt , I especially love the back , it could be reversible . Sorry you had tension issues , that's never fun .

  2. I love it... great quilt...

  3. Its a great quilt. I love the colours - they suit the design beautifully although I can see it done with some gorgeous brights and grey. Parting with your machine, even for a short while can be traumatic! But just think how brilliant your quilting will be when it comes back lol. xx

  4. Boy, did my jaw drop when I scrolled down and revealed the photo of this gorgeous quilt! Tension issues aside, Linda, your quilting is fantabulous! I want to make it, too!

  5. A fantastic quilt for a guy! Your quilting is great and I hope you get your machine sorted soon.

  6. This is gorgeous! Neutrals are rarely my first fabric choice, either, but the finished quilts often end up being my favorite pieces. They grow on you, I guess :)

  7. A very beautiful quilt. It will be well loved.


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