Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Catching Up

I'm catching up because I have had to put all my attention the last several months on taking care of my dear Mother who has dementia and mobility issues.  Things have progressed and she is now in long term care.  It's been very rough but I am able to visit her often. Dementia is horrible. 😢 

I have two finishes to share with you today.  The first one I have named "Dino Garden Party" and it is from a pattern called "DinoRama - T-Rex on Roller Skates" by Art East Quilting Co.  

  I used the beautiful border print "Shine" by Ruby Star Society for my inspiration because the little girl who asked me to make her a quilt requested Girl Dinosaurs and I immediately thought of flowers.  After I cut the lengthwise floral strips I used the remaining centre part for binding.  Big thank you to Karen @sugarfreequilts  for helping me with attaching the binding on this quilt.  She is such a good friend! 💖


I quilted in free motion with side to side wavy lines very randomly.  I just keep stitching until I feel it is enough.  It turned out very soft and cuddly.  

For the backing I used a very soft flannel.  It was lovely to stitch.  

The second finish is made for another little girl, just a year and half old but knows what she likes!  
The cute giraffes are from a pattern called "Giraffes in a Row" by Sew Fresh Quilts.  Thanks to another sweet friend of mine, Ioleen, for a few pieces of the colourful fabrics.  It's been a while, Ioleen, but I finally got it done! A really fun pattern to sew up.  I used Kona White for the background and the binding is Kona Heliotrope.  

I quilted a 4 inch wavy double line grid in free motion.  All eyeballed, no marking!  I give myself the freedom not to be perfect with this type of quilting.  Love it! 

For the backing I used a lovely soft purple flannel with a few added strips to make it big enough.  

Hope you got to finish up a project or two lately .   

Feels so good! 💖


  1. Great use of a border! Fun quilt

  2. Super cute quilts and lucky little girls, Linda!

  3. You make the sweetest quilts , these will be treasured for years to come . Love them !

  4. Lovely to see you posting again, Linda! And wonderful quilts as always!

  5. Lovely to see you posting again, Linda! And wonderful quilts as always!

  6. Exactly what I needed to see this early a.m. and who I needed to see them from. I'm duly inspired and very motivated to get to work after see your darling quilts! I needed someone to give me a kick in the a**. I have tops to layer and have been procrastinating far too long. I can hear you cheering me on, “Get ‘er done!”! If I need another kick, I’ll revisit your post! Great job on those quilts, Linda! So glad you posted!

  7. Two lovely finishes. So sorry to read about your Mother - I am glad that you have found her somewhere safe to live nearby. Such a difficult time for all the family. Hugs. xx

  8. Amazing finishes! Loving that flower border with the dionosaurs!

  9. Nice to see you pop up Linda…
    What a fantastic girls Dino 🦕 quilt , I’m sure she loves it…
    The colourful giraffes 🦒 are gorgeous too.

  10. Linda, nice to hear from you!! Dementia is a very cruel disease - I am sorry to hear you and your family are experiencing this.
    The quilts are so wonderful. That floral strip is such a fun contrast for those 'girl dinosaurs'. Adorable. I think border prints are really fun to use tho it can take some thought to figure out the best way to do it. Both quilts are great - I love a flannel backing - it makes for a very cozy quilt.

  11. These are both just adorable, Linda! Perfect for two little girls. I'm glad you're able to visit your Mom often and that she's getting good care.

  12. Two beautiful finishes. The Dinos are amazing. Nice to read a post from you. Love the giraffes and happy that I contributed to the fabric needed.


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