Sunday, March 10, 2019

Turquoise Scrappy Strings

I was into making string quilts in 2010/2011.  I made 5 large size tops in that year or so.  A pink one, a green one, a blue/yellow one, a turquoise one and a multicolour one.
 As of today, 4 are quilted and only one is remaining to be quilted, the multicolour one.  I finished the turquoise scrappy string today.  I sewed the strings on a muslin foundation.  That makes it a heavy quilt but I didn't have any trouble quilting it.  I stitched a large meander over the entire surface and was done in just a few hours.  It measures 58" x 75".  One more checked off my "Golden Oldies" list.  

A quiet Sunday with most of my day spent sewing like crazy. I have to make up for that lost hour of sewing! lol 
How about you?  Getting any sewing done today?  😊


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! Love the colours!

  2. What a beauty, and it looks so soft and crinkly. Which batting did you use, Linda? You are sure burning through the tops!

  3. Beautiful! Like flowing water. A big stipple for quilting is just right, hidden among all the strings. Congrats on getting this one finished and ready to give someone a quilty hug :)

  4. You are certainly cracking on through your list. Another beauty, I love the colours. xx

  5. Congrats! on your newly completed project. Scrappy strings, what could be better?!


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