Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Two Birds with one Stone!

Today, I am able to cross another quilt top off  "My Golden Oldies" list.  Make that two quilt tops!  From March 2011.  Read more. 

I discovered and fell in love with improvisational piecing in mid 2010.  I had a lot of jewel toned scraps and decided to delve into trying my hand at creating some improv blocks.  I made twelve blocks. We will call this Quilt Top #1. 

 At the same time I was working on another quilt top, #2, using  many of the same jewel tones as well.   I remember having lots of trouble to get the pieced border of # 2 to fit so I switched gears and added it to Top #1. 

The other day I was looking for fabric to piece a backing for Top #1, as it was next up for quilting and it came to me...why am I piecing a backing for this top,  why not use Top # 2 for the backing!! Brilliant!  So I made Top #2 larger by adding a beige print border and got to work basting them together and quilting with a freemotion curvy side to side stitch.   Now I have a reversible quilt as well as the fact that I didn't have to make two quilts!  I am quite pleased with myself.  

Top # 2 (and the outer border from Top #1) are from the pattern, "Crown Jewels" from XBlocks by Patricia Pepe. 

62" x 73"

Only 9 more tops on my Golden Oldies list left to go.  I will be happy when they are all complete.  That will be my joy! 

Too much snow in the past few days so I was unable to get some nice outdoor shots.  More snow tonight!  Aaaarrrgh!  


  1. Genius!!! I'm SEW glad the back/front thing worked out for you.

  2. You are very clever making two tops into one beautiful finish....

  3. I love those eureka moments in quilting; great job on both!

  4. Another beautiful finish. Love the jewel tones.

  5. What a great idea! Would we call this a "Two-fer"?? Looks great on both sides!

  6. Brilliant idea to use the quilt top for backing. Maybe you can do the same with another of your tops yet to be finished. The colours don't have to be from the same colour family. My two cents worth (grin). Great job, Linda.


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