Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Another "Two-fer"!

I just crossed two more quilt tops off my "Golden Oldies" list.  This one is another "Two-fer", so aptly coined by quilting friend, Linda @Stitch Lines

 On the front is my version of Bonnie Hunter's "Orca Bay" from her mystery quiltalong which started in Nov 2011.  This top has been waiting to be quilted since Feb of 2012.  I am calling my quilt "Prospect Village" as I drew the colours from an old photo of where I grew up.  Blue for the ocean, yellow for the sunny summer days, and burgundy/reds for the old fishing stage/wharf across the cove from our house.   

The colour of the sky and ocean was just amazingly blue in Prospect today.  Hurry up, Spring!

And on the back....a quilt top I made from scraps of two other quilts.  I added some solid white to make it larger to become the back.  I quilted this one from the back as it was easier to see where I was going than on the front.  Tons of seams, but my trusty "Petunia" didn't have a problem.  

5 more tops left to deal with.  Next up is a stamped, hand embroidered quilt top that my mother stitched up several years ago and I am now finally getting around to quilting it up.  She has been very patient waiting for me to work on her top. 💖

Hope you have time today to do something quilty! 😊


  1. What a beautiful photograph and I love that the colours of your quilt reflect it so well. Another great finish Linda. xx

  2. it's a lot of work and looks great!

  3. Another great finish or should I say two finishes.

  4. Great photos of a beautiful quilt. I love the back as much as the front!!

  5. Linda, this is a magnificent finish! When I scrolled from the picture of the village to the quilt, I was so impressed! If ever you display this quilt, you must include the picture and the story! Well done, dear friend! Great job staying focused on finishing all these flimsies from your quilting past.


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