Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amherst is Awesome Again! Part One

Yes, Amherst is Awesome! Amherst, Nova Scotia that is.  The location of the 8th Annual Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival that happened this last week.  For the second year, my lovely little guild, Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, participated by displaying the many works of its members.  

Jeanette (our secretary) and I (social media coordinator) took the lead on organizing the Show this year.  We collected quilts and quilty items from members and headed to Amherst Town Hall on October 15 to set them up for display.  If you ever get the chance to visit Amherst during Fibre Fest, you won't be disappointed.  Get in touch with me if you need more details.

We had lots of help to set up and also to speak with visitors and answer questions over the three days.  A few busloads of quilters arrived and went through our display on Friday.  There are other quilt shows going on in town at the same time so it is a quilters heaven really. Of course, we had to stay overnight so there was lots of socializing as well. So nice to get time to spend with everyone.  There is so much to tell you but I decided to just give you some highlights of my time and to give you some links to visit for lots of photos etc.

Here is the link to the post (that I wrote) on the  MMQG blog so you can see all the amazing quilts we had in our Show.  

Check out this link to our President, Adrienne's blog and read about her fun times in Amherst

Jennifer, our Vice-President, blogged about her time too, with some wonderful photos of the architecture in Amherst.

MMQG member Lesley came from Cape Breton to attend quilting workshops and hang around with us. She had a few quilts in the Show too.   So lovely to get to see her since she lives a distance away. 

Karen C. blogged about her visit too. We need to number our Karens!  By age? By beauty? By who made the most quilts? By who knew Linda first? LOL   Stop by her blog, she just started it up and needs a little bloggy love.

A highlight of my time in Amherst, was getting the chance to meet up with Riel Nason of 
The Q and the U blog fame.  Also, a pleasure to meet her family who came along to help her out with her trunk show.  Riel and I have met before and I am a big fan from way back.  My first piece of modern designer fabric came from winning a scrapbag giveaway on her blog several years ago.  I still have a few of them. I used some in my Bottled Rainbows quilt. Riel is also an amazing selvedge quilter.  Her new book will be available in early 2016.  Check out her blog for more info.  She has some great tutorials as well.  I love her random railfence method.  

Here are just a few of Riel's quilts from her trunk show that I attended and thoroughly enjoyed.  So great to be able to see her quilts in person.  Halloween quilts are her favourite thing and she is showcasing them on her blog.  To see lots and lots more, check out her blog.

Riel made this for her daughter.  Love the New Brunswick flags 

The background fabric is covered in ants!  


A really big highlight for me personally,  was that I sold a quilt!  Yes, even though I don't sell my quilts I decided to let one go for a price.  "I Love Chai" has gone to a new home and I am quite happy with that.
Here is me and Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter holding up my quilt for a good-bye photo. (Lesley is not the new owner, she makes her own awesome quilts!) You can read about this quilt HERE

I have more to show and tell you but I think I will save the rest for another post for tomorrow.  Til then.....


  1. What a fabulous post! You definitely hit the highlights and I agree that it was a wonderful time! Since I missed Riel's trunk show, thanks so much for sharing pictures of her stunning quilts. And thanks for linking up so many of us so we can continue to visit blogs and be inspired. You are the glue that hold so many of us together! Thank you!

  2. I agree with Lesley, this is a fabulous post! Looking forward to part 2. I will recommend this on my next blog post. Thanks for sharing. When we eventually move to Nova Scotia, I will be attending this Fibre Fest too!

  3. Love every little bit of you! Cannot thank you enough. And always love getting some time with you

  4. Love every little bit of you! Cannot thank you enough. And always love getting some time with you

  5. Yeah for selling a quilt. Kudos for all your hard work. Thanks!!!!

  6. Great post Linda! I too appreciate all the photos and linkups. I must get a post up on my blog as well. It was an Awesome Amherst weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed your show. Hope you got lots of visitors, I told all my students to be sure to stop by. Congrats on your sale, as well.

  7. You gals really put on a fabulous show , it was so nice to have the chance to visit and see your great work . Sorry I missed Riels work , quite amazing !!

  8. Aren't you just the cutest! (Did you and Lesley coordinate your outfits?). It was an incredible Amherst Adventure. Even though I was there forever, I can't believe how much I missed! Thank you for making it such a memorable experience. It was a great show. You are all very talented ladies. I hope next year you can set up in a larger venue! Congratulations on selling your quilt! XO

  9. Thanks for the chance to see some of the Amherst show, without being there. It looks amazing.


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