Thursday, October 22, 2015

Amherst is Awesome, Again! Part Two

As you can tell, from my previous post, I thoroughly enjoyed myself while attending N.S. Fibre Arts Festival with my lovely little guild.  I think we may nab a few more members as a result too.  We have approx. 66 members as we speak.  Not bad for only starting up just 2 years ago and being spread around the Maritimes.  
l to r   Amanda (our Swapmaster), Me and Jeanette (our secretary)

The first time I attended the NSFAF was in 2010 and I have made the 2 hour trip every year since.  After looking back on my blog, I had posted that it was the first time I met Karen Neary, Amherst, Nova Scotia's awesome quilt designer, quilting book author, quilt pattern designer and beautiful person.  You can see all her accomplishments on her blog, and there are lots!  Did you know that she made a quilt for Paul McCartney when he visited Nova Scotia.  Very Cool!
Karen has added Aurifil thread to her list of quilty things for sale on her blog.  Since I love using Aurifil thread in my Pfaff QE 4.0, I hightailed it to the Zonta Bazaar last Saturday where Karen was set up to sell her selection of threads.  I love the 50# and use it all the time but I also wanted to try some 28# and 12#.
I will let you know how that works for me.

Of course, any quilter worth her weight in fabric, has to visit Mrs. Pugley's Emporium on Victoria St.  Here's what I bought.......

Bought these fat quarters at Riel Nason's trunk show

Another amazing highlight of my time in Amherst was spending quality time with quilty friends.
My beautiful friend, Karen R. of KaHolly arrived from Cape Breton to enjoy her first Fibre Fest and spend time with me and my daughter, Nicola.   We stayed at the same motel and spent time hanging out together and tending our quilt display. 
  As usual, my caretaker friend made me a gift.  An early birthday gift.  The lovely little thread basket that you see in the pic.  When she spent time visiting with me last month at my house, she noticed that I didn't have a thread basket on my work table so of course, she made me one!  So sweet.  Thanks Karen!

I will leave you with some shots of my quilty peeps and me. There are a few faces missing but rest assured we all had a great time and will be back next year, bigger and better.

Karen R, and Karen C

l to r  -  Karen R., Val L, Karen C and Me

Riel and Me and her two sweeties

Val L. doing some letting and Karen C. watching and learning

Val and Me

l to r    Karen C and Val

Our fearless President, Adrienne, doing what she does. 

closeup of Val making a block for her Kona Nerd quilt

I even had a chance to show two sweet little girls how to sew a seam.  Future quilters?

Hope you are lucky enough to be involved with a quilty group of wonderful, inspiring  women.  I sure am!


  1. Another wonderful post with such a great recap of the weekend and the fun that was had! Lovely scrap basket by Karen!

  2. I'm still swooning over my time spent with you and Nicola in Amherst. Loved this post with all the candid shots. It's a true testimony of how much fun was had by all. I was pleasantly surprised because I had no idea what to expect. You are always bragging about your lovely little guild...well, it's not so little anymore, is it? NOW I get it! I enjoyed getting to know the ladies a little bit more and so look forward to spending more quilty time with them in the future. XO

  3. This was so much fun! Great laughs...looking forward to next year!!

  4. This was so much fun! Great laughs...looking forward to next year!!

  5. I promised myself last year that somehow I would go this year. It did t happen, hopefully next year.

  6. Great pics of our awesome weekend in Amherst! Can't wait for next year!!

  7. Two lovely posts about your show - sounds like a great event. Great quilts and some super fabrics. xx

  8. Great photos! Look like you all had a great time! I found a group who goes from Digby so I'm hoping to make it there next year....I may have to start the whole week :) Love the text prints you purchased! Gorgeous!

  9. It looks like a lot of fun. The thread basket is gorgeous. What a thoughtful gift.


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