Friday, February 28, 2014

Havin' fun in my sewing room

I highly recommend retirement!  Especially if quilting is your passion.  I paid my dues....raised three kids, helped a husband achieve his goals in the military etc it's my time.  Oh yeah, it is awesome.  Do what I want, when I want and big plus...don't have to go to work!!  I spent all day in my sewing room.  Came out for meals and bathroom breaks.  Just me. I didn't even turn on the TV or a quilting video or use the computer or even the radio.  Just total concentration on getting things done.

I know you must be bored with seeing and hearing about these same old projects but  I am making progress and moving on.  I got the binding sewn on my son's "Felt Quilt" I tried a new way this time.  I sewed it on entirely by machine.  It worked OK for this project but not sure if I would do it again. Depends on the circumstances.  I used a black Kona for the binding and used a decorative stitch to sew it down to the front.  For the label, I used a few strips of the black flannel print from the first "Felt Quilt" (I wonder if my son will notice) .  I used a Star Trek flannel fabric for the backing panel. I am giving it to him tomorrow.  Hope I can get a pic of him with his new quilt to show.  I am done with flannel!  Hope I never have to make a flannel quilt again.  Just sayin'!

Got my "Puzzle" quilt top all sewn together and then started work on the back.  I wanted a pieced back so I set to work sewing up the leftovers from the front., in an improv manner. But now, after arranging them on my design wall, I think I might just have another quilt top. Still have lots more scraps.  Not sure, the ideas are still swirling. I need some more Kona Iron to finish it up. I am anxious to get to quilting this one. 

Don't you just love my old flannel bedsheet design wall!!
Hope you had time to do something quilty today. 


  1. I love seeing what you have been up to and am never bored! Keep that sewing machine busy! Looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Isn't it GREAT to have a whole day just to "play" at whatever your heart desires?

  3. Linda, I love your banner!!!!!

  4. Your 'old flannel bedsheet design wall' looks awesome!

  5. Watching your work progress is far too much fun to be boring. I agree about completely machine sewing the binding. I also did it once. Maybe I missed hand sewing my way to the home stretch. I'm working on my first flannel quilt (top and backing)Maybe I should be scared...just sayin!

  6. Linda i have answered every one of the comments and emails ,don't know
    I think i have the sorriest email in the world

  7. I got a wee tiny bit of sewing done today but hopefully this coming week will provide me with much more Me time.


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