Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cushions for my Boy

I have been hopping along for the past two weeks during the Cushions for Christmas Hop hosted by MsMidge.  Lots of gorgeous cushions and some great  tutorials for making cushions.
It inspired me to make some cushions for my son Nathaniel's bachelor pad.  I have been meaning to make him some since he bought his new grey sofa.  This hop urged me on so here is what I ended up with.  I had to keep it simple as that was his wish.. I went the easy route with just two fabrics.  I machine appliqued the strips to the main square  on  the one in the front .    The ones with the circles have the plain green on the back.  I picked up these fabrics in the remnants bin at the fabric store..$6.00 total. .  I inserted old cushion forms that I had kicking around for ages and just stitched the opening closed...easy peasy. The fabric is dry-clean only so once they get dirty I can just recover them.  A frugal Christmas gift made by Mother.  Who doesn't like that!!

Just wanted to show you the wallhanging
I made for Nathaniel when he first moved into his new apartment and it hangs over his sofa.  I should have made matching cushions but he loves limey green and that is what was in the remnants bin..

  We are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow so I will be having a my own Snow-In and hope to get lots of work done on my scrappy quilt

Hope you are having a quilty day.


  1. Terrific cushions and wall hanging - luck fella having you for a mom!

  2. Those are some nice shiny bits! I am hoping for lot's of sewing tomorrow too. I love a good snow day!

  3. Great cushions Linda , I am your he will love them ! Enjoy the snow day tomorrow :-)

  4. Great cushions for a bachelor pad! Thanks so much for joining in the blog hop! xx

  5. The joy of being a crafter - you can make something out of 'nothing'. The cushions look great! Happy sewing!


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