Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa's Helper

My Mother just celebrated her 82nd birthday and this is the gift I made for her.  A Santa apron.  I didn't get a photo of Mother with the apron on but before I gave it to her, I had Retired Hub put it on so I could get a photo.  He is such a good sport.  Mother loved her apron and promised me that she would wear it, but not when making pies because she would get it so messy.
From a pattern called "Santa's Helper" by Cotton Ginnys.

Finished two more blocks for my Soul Searching quilt.
I am going to call this "Searching for Scraps" I think.  Believe it or not, after showing you all my scrap bins a few posts ago, I am having a hard time finding the variety I require in each colour family to make each block. I wanted to be able to not repeat a fabric, but that was not possible. A lot of my scraps are smaller in width than required.  As I look back over the last several years, I have made a lot of scrap quilts.  I still have a ton of scraps, but this project is a scrappy challenge for me.  I will make it work though.  I promise not to buy anything new or use my stash. Scraps only.  That makes six blocks made now and I have decided to make the nine blocks.   It will be what it will be. 

Hope you are having a quilty day.  


  1. Can't you sew scraps of the same colour together to get the size you want/need?
    Cute apron.

  2. Love the apron , I just bet your mom did too. Good luck with sorting your scraps , hope you manage to find what you need .

  3. Hi Linda. cute apron and yes, your husband seems like a good sport. Your soul searching quilt will be beautiful, try not to get too bogged down by self-imposed rules (no repeat fabric, etc.). No one is going to notice, and your quilt won't be any less gorgeous just because you used 18 different fabrics in one colour as opposed to 24... I like Dolores' ide: If you don't have the proper width, sew to bits together in order to get the right size. Your quilt will only have more character. And if you really need certain colours, there is always a way to swap scraps...

  4. You are so talented Linda! I love your mother's apron! So clever! Your "Searching for Scraps" blocks are really wonderful. Don't lose heart if you can't find the size you need. I understand wanting to use all different scraps, but, if you do have to duplicate one, it won't be noticeable at all! Best wishes!

  5. Each time you show a picture of your scrappy quilt, I like it better and better. What a darling apron!! You always come up with such fun projects.

  6. haha... love the apron... just perfect...
    your scrap quilt is looking amazing....

  7. going through the exact same ritual - use up the scraps. today was "what was I thinking" as I went through a bin of scraps, bits and pieces. a very large bag went in to the garbage because the pieces were too small to use but I could not throw them out. Well, they are gone now and I still have lots of stuff for scrap blocks. Will make up into nice community quilts. Best thing: I am having fun!!


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