Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunny sewing

It has been snowing all day. And I have been sewing all day. I made another block for my scrappy quilt. I decided on using all my warm and sunny looking golds and yellows on this cold, blustery day. I was surfing around Pinterest and found out how to make these cute little holders for double-pointed needles. I made them to go with the gift I made for my Knitty Sister for Christmas. As a joke, I expanded on that concept and made drum stick holders for my nephew, Matthew. He is the drummer in a rock band in Toronto called Gladheart. He will get a kick out of these.
I found the idea and tutorial here
 Hope you are having a quilty day too.


  1. I was sewing today too! I love snow days-cute holders and I like the yellow block as well. I'm always short on yellow stash-must stock up I guess.

  2. Perfect combination! Snowy day/bright, sunny colors! You are so clever. Your nephew will get a charge out of his new drumstick holders. He'll be the envy of the band! You just may have started something!!

  3. I was sewing today when it was too hot to go outside - it was a bit like your lovely scrappy block here for us! The needle and drumstick holders are a fun gift!

  4. I have a one man band hubby who is getting new stuff in the new year for his band, all made by me.
    These look lovely linda and can you email me, I misplaced your email addy in my list for CQA2014. Thanks!


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