Saturday, October 12, 2013

A little whine

I am soooo disappointed with how my New York Beauty wallhanging is turning out.  I thought that this would be my freemotioned quilt that I would not be scared to exhibit....but not now.  I should really just take it out of my sight and move on but being my crazy self,  I am going to continue on with it, but sooooo not happy. Not happy, but very determined not to be beat by batting and thread.!
I used a very lightweight polyester batting (TherMore by Hobbs)  that I have had kicking around for quite a while.  The result is very flat looking. Hardly any dimension. I can't bring myself to unstitch it all now.  I am using all different brands of threads to get the colours that I want and that is causing more havoc.  My Pfaff just hates to freemotion with Zwicky thread.  I have a ton of it that I want to use up.  Maybe I should just put this darn  thread out of my sight too.  Again, being me, I have to conquer this challenge.

. OK...that's enough whining.  I will just Git 'er Done! I have spent far too much time going nowhere and I promised myself that I wouldn't start anything new until this one is finished and I really, really want to start something new!

I am participating in Sheila's  fabric post card swap and I can now show you the fabric postcard that I made for my swap partner Fiona at Bubz Rugz.
I received an email this morning letting me know that it had been received and enjoyed. I can't wait to see what Fiona sends me.  I was dying to try my hexie pumpkin on a postcard so I had this already to go when I received my swap partner's name and address.  Fiona lives in Australia, where it is Springtime, so the fallish pumpkin doesn't exactly suit right now but Fiona tells me that it will remind her of nice cool days to come.


  1. Ooh, la, la!! I love that postcard! How clever of you to turn a hexie into a pumpkin. Knowing that we are our own worse critics, I'll just bet that as frustrating as it is to be FMQing that NYBeauty, it is indeed a beauty. Your work always is!! Keep at it!

  2. Poor Linda, so sorry that quilt is giving you grief , I probably would have given up by now . Love the postcard , clever idea to use a hexie and I love that selvedge accent !!

  3. Linda, so sorry to hear about your frustration with that quilt. But I believe in you...I know you can overcome this challenge! As for your postcard, it is so sweet! Well done!

  4. I've had problems with a too thick batting and did have to unstitch. Fortunately I realized it rather sooner in the process. Great use of the hexie for the pumpkin.

  5. I love this church quilt show, lovely and such bits and pieces of history with the older designs people are doing! We did Quilt Show in the Old Anglican Church in Telkwa 2004 I think, I don't think we took any photos?


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