Saturday, September 28, 2013


My goal for the month of September was to  #1 - not start any new quilts and #2 to get as many UFOs that were awaiting quilting, machine quilted and bound.
How am doing so far?  Well, pretty good, I think, considering how super busy I have been .  Since I retired from the workforce Sept. 1, RetiredHub and I are helping our almost 30 year old son, Nathaniel,  the campaign manager for a local candidate in the upcoming Provincial Election, with building,  erecting and repairing signage. We are his sign guys.  Lots of work but we are glad to help out.  It gets Retired Hub out of the house.   Nathaniel has always included RetiredHub and me in mostly everything he is involved in.  Politics, Geneaology, Local History being just a few.  I guess it's a good thing that a child still wants his crazy old parents kicking around all the time!  

  So back to quilting...I have managed to finish the machine quilting on the lap quilt for my Quilty Sister and get it bound, with just a label to that is done! 
It is so hard to get a good photo of this quilt. I must have taken twenty shots and I just can't get a decent one to show how pretty this quilt is.  The shadowing is horrible and I tried to fix it but I gave up.   If you can zoom in you will see better that I did some feathering in the top and bottom border and on the sides I did a loopy loop.  I also did a curvy stitch in the blue inner border and then a straight line beyond that.
"Huggable Me" 44" x 54" now known as "Betty's Bunnies"

I also have my New York Beauty wallhanging all marked and basted and ready to go under the needle.  Here is a little sneak peek at what I will be doing. I pounced the design onto the border fabric using a chalk pouncer.  The feather design is from a  plastic stencil from Quilting Creations. The chalk from the pouncer will iron off.    I have a few threads that I think will really make this design look good.  I am playing around with them to decide which one I will go with.   They are variegated Sulky 30wts that I picked up while shopping at It's Sew Time in Elmsdale yesterday.  Not sure if I will get this done by the end of September but I will get it started.  

 So that's it for what I have been working on for September.  Not much, but I am happy with it.  The best thing is that I didn't start a new quilt to add to my UFO pile. 

I did make  some fabric  postcards. One is  for a swap that Sheila is hosting at Sheila's Quilt World.   The theme is Fall.  My swap partner lives in Australia where it is Spring right now.  I hope she enjoys what I have made for her.   This will be my second time participating in Sheila's swaps and I thoroughly love it.  It soothes the creative part of my brain and I feel so good  after creating something original.  Great way to express yourself. I can't show the postcards that I made just yet.  I have to keep this secret until my swap partner receives it.  If you read this post Fiona, your postcard will be in the mail on Monday.

I wanted to show this gorgeous metre of fabric I bought yesterday while thread shopping at It's Sew Time.  I think this is the lovliest of all the black/grey on white prints I have seen anywhere. I seriously don't think I can cut it up. 


  1. Those bunnies are so cute! And I adore that black and white fabric! I don't think I could cut it up either!

  2. Don't you and Nate look so happy! So nice to have family supporting us...I bet he supports your quilting as much as you support his campaigns! Love that bunny quilt...stunning quilting that you did! And I know you can cut into that black and white fabric!

  3. Hi Linda, I love your bunny quilt ... and your quilting plans...
    Looking forward to seeing my postcard.... yours will be in the post this weekend.....

  4. Linda , you have made great progress , your quilt is gorgeous and I like what you have planned on your NY beauty . Very nice picture of you and your son Nathaniel , hope all your hard work is successful .

  5. Hi Linda
    Love your Huggable Me quilt- so sweet! And I really LOVE what you have pounced on your NYB quilt- that quilting is going to be gorgeous!!

  6. I'm impressed with your progress! The bunny quilt is adorable. What a handsome son you have! I'm glad he likes to spend time around you. My daughter is good like that. I picked up a fat quarter in New Glasgow the other day that I will probably never cut into, but it was so pretty, I couldn't resist!

  7. Bunny quilt is adorable, your son is a fine looking young man, and that black and white butterfly fabric is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing,


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