Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some happy sewing

After my last post/whine, I decided to fold up my New York Beauty wallhanging and put it out of my sight, to be dealt with at another time.  Moving on......I will get back to that mess another time.
I have happily sewed up two more Dear Jane blocks...A-11 Pebbles Protest and A-12 Framed Fancy.

Here are the 12 blocks that I have completed so far...213 more to go!

Nova Scotia Fibre Art Festival started today.  This will be Year 6 for the Festival  I have attended the past 4 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.   I am planning on visiting Amherst on Thursday and Friday of this week to take in all the goings-on.  Here is a schedule of events.  I will take lots of photos to show you.  Also, if you are attending too  and would like to meet up with me on Thursday or Friday....please get in touch.  I am not taking classes so my time is free and easy. 


  1. Linda, your blocks are quite lovely. I admire your tenacity - only 213 more to go.....
    Enjoy the Quilt Festival.

  2. Your blocks look adorable! I am so happy that I have started working on row C.

  3. Your blocks are wonderful! There sure are going to be a lot of them and I look forward to seeing them all!

  4. Gorgeous blocks Linda , are you planning on staying within these Colors or will it be scrappy ? Enjoy Amherst , wish I was there .


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