Friday, June 14, 2013

A Finish! With help from a friend

60" x 74"
This quilt top dates back to 2001!  It was a block of the month from Atlantic Fabrics. This was a fun quilt top to make.  It has paper-piecing, hand applique, embroidery and dimensional embellishments.  The original pattern had a large panel in the centre and the blocks went around the sides and top of that and the border was a fencepost design but I changed it up to suit me  at the time.   It had been in the "I Need to be Quilted" pile all this time.

One day, in March I think, I was lamenting about all my UFOs to my co-worker Pam.  Now, she is a quilter, but not addicted like I am.  She loves to handquilt to relax.  To my surprise and delight, she offered to handquilt a UFO for me.  How awesome is that!! And even more awesome is that I now have a new quilting buddy. 

She did a wonderful job and I am pleased as punch to hang it in my front entry.  As a trade-off, I am going to piece a quilt top for her.  She has chosen a cute little sailboat design.  I find piecing very relaxing so Pam and I make a good quilting combo.
Thanks Pam! 


  1. I made that same quilt Linda only I had it machine quilted ,I think hand quilting looks much nicer . I also did the large block in the center , that was the quilt that turned me off PP , but I do love the quilt :-) Lovely job Linda !!!oh and congrats on finishing it too .

  2. Looks like you two make a good team. It sure feels nice to have a finish.

  3. It's a wonderful quilt! I like it!


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