Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Must-Do project....Done!

I won the pattern for this totebag in a giveaway over a year ago, maybe even two years,  from
Whistlepig Creek Productions.  It is called "Little Sister".  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it so it went on my Must-Do List.  I get to cross it off that list today. 

I wanted to make my bag similar to the photo on the pattern.  I love the newsprint fabric that I found to use for the main part of the bag. I found it in the "Sale Room" at Suttles.   It has lots of comical quilting related stories on it. The lining fabric is also a text print with lots of quilty words.  There are roomy pockets on the inside as well.  I forgot to remove a straight pin while sewing the handles down and it is stuck forever between the handles and the inside pocket!
I had planned to sew in the zipper as per the instruction but I wimped out. I will just attach a snap for a closure.

This bag was a bit challenging and there was a ton of sewing.  almost 400" of bias binding!  I gave my new back-up sewing machine a real workout.  Fusible fleece is used for a batting and the main body and the side pieces of the bag are machine quilted.  Fusible interfacing is used to make the outer pockets have a nice shape.  Elastic is sewn into the top of the side pockets.   The directions were very clear and I just took my time and went step-by-step . 

I think this is the first time that I ever started and finished a project and didn't start another project in the middle of it! 

Maybe I will take my new totebag when I visit The Thistle Quilt Guild's Annual Quilt Show in Westville, N S, on Saturday.  Chances are they will have a vendor or two and I will need something to put my purchases in, just in case I buy some new fabric. lol


  1. What a great bag...nice job! It looks like a good size...will hold lots of treasures?

  2. It's a beautiful bag!! I love it!! Great finish!!

  3. Your bag is adorable! You chose such great fabrics! Will look forward to seeing what you fill it with at the quilt show!

  4. Very nice! It looks quite roomy so you should be able to fill it with lots of goodies.

  5. great bag Linda , I look forward to seeing it in person tomorrow !

  6. Beautiful bag Linda, I agree take it along on your visit, it may come in handy.

  7. Totally wonderful. Nicely done.


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