Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

This week I spent my time on three projects that I had put aside over the last few months so that I could focus on the on-line quilt-alongs that I joined.  I am giving block-making a rest (except for two quilt-alongs that are still in progress). 
So I have been going between handquilting, hand applique and knitting this week.  Nothing finished, but some progress.
Block #9 - Reminiscence

Square #23 - Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Sampler

Still quilting this appliqued leaves quilt. Making progress.
No progress on the FMQing of my RRCB..still waiting for thread. 
Have a good week!
I am linking up with  The Needle and Thread Network. Stop by and see what everyone is doing this week.


  1. Lovely work:) I'm awed by the knitting...learn to knit sampler? think you knit very well.

  2. Your applique is gorgeous. I have a leaf quilt on one of my lists. Lovely.

  3. Applique is something I shy away from--it scares me! Your work is very beautiful, and I'm sure the knitting sampler will be amazing when it is finished.

  4. Very nice projects! What pattern are using for your knitting smpler?

  5. Love that knitted sampler! perhaps I should look for a book to expand my knitting horizons? There is so much out in the world to learn!

  6. That knitting looks very intriguing!

  7. I have awarded you the Liebster Award. I love your blog :) Please see my blog for more information.

  8. And look at that applique it is wonderful! You do it all with the back basting method?


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