Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

I jumped ahead and finished the remaining two blocks in the New York Beauty Quilt Along.  This quilt along started March 5 and is sponsored by Sara at Sew Sweetness.  Thanks to Sara and all the wonderful quilters who provided tutorials for each block.  I have been paper-piecing for ages but I did discover a few new tricks.  The blocks are found here.  Now I have to decide which way I will set my blocks.

 I will need to make four more blocks if I want to finish this layout

For this layout I can add a border and be done.  A pieced border I think. 

These blocks are 8"finished. There are 10 designs but I had to leave one out because I made a mistake in printing out the pattern and when it was sewn it measured an inch too small.   This will be a wallhanging when complete. 

Or how about this?

However it ends up I am calling this "The Beauty of Scraps" 

Still plugging away at FMQing my RRCB. Hope to be able to show and tell about this next week. 
I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network so stop by and see what is going on.  Lots of great work.


  1. I like the top two pictures of layouts better than the last one...if you are asking for opinions ??!!
    I dont know how to paper piece...these blocks are stunning!!

  2. Oh those are just amazing. I love the colors you have, so relaxing to me, yet incredibly exciting. I love the first layout, and the second and the last. Wait, that doesn't help does it ;) The blocks are amazing are are certain to look spectacular no matter what setting you choose.

  3. Oooh I love the middle one. It looks like a collection of sunrises from many perspectives. Very interesting! Each one needs to be looked at in that layout I think. You know? Each block holds equal interest in the overall composition. (oh look at me talkin' all artsy fartsy lol)

    Thanks for linking to TN&TN!

    ~Monika K.
    sewing in Saskatoon

  4. I agree with Monika. The 9 blocks just set in 3 x 3. They are so very lovely!

  5. Your blocks are wonderful! The second arrangement really shows how different each block is, though any arrangement you choose will be lovely.

  6. Thanks for you nice comment Linda.
    I like # 2 design for the NYB. But all are great. and your FMQ sample is really nice!!

  7. Beautiful! These are just gorgeous blocks!

  8. You do beautiful work, and I can't decide which lay-out I'd prefer, sorry.

  9. Beautiful blocks. I personally like the middle layout.

  10. The second one's my favourite. I love scrappy quilts!

  11. So much work...but, AWEsome!


  12. I really like the third layout. Whichever arrangement you choose, they are wonderful blocks.


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