Sunday, February 14, 2021

My 2020 Temperature quilt

A great distraction for me in 2020, in the midst of lockdowns and other public health restrictions etc etc,, was to make a temperature quilt.  What is a temperature quilt?...It is made by creating a range of temperatures and assigning one fabric to each set of numbers and then create a block for each day using the designated colour of fabric to denote the high and low temperature of the day.  I used a pattern by Canuck Quilter and you can find her free pattern HERE.  Thanks to Joanne for a fun, easy little block and the inspiration to carry on and finish this project. 

You will note that I did not choose blues for winter temps as you may think would be the thing to do.  I guess I would rather have a shot of sunny yellow in the winter. All the fabrics on the front are Kona cottons. Each repeat of the pattern is for six days. You can sew your block each day or like I did, every six days.  To finish the top off, I added paperpieced letters and numbers.   There are lots of different ideas for temperature quilts that you can find online. 

I pieced the backing together using a panel called Wonder by Carrie Bloomston.  I had some fabric from the same line in my stash so I added enough to make the backing fit.  

I quilted in free motion on my Pfaff PowerQuilter using Aurifil 50wt thread in a medium yellow shade in the coloured areas and white in the white areas. 

(as I posted this photo, I noticed I missed echo quilting an entire row)  I will fix that! 

It's not too late to start yourself a temperature quilt.  Lots of patterns and ideas on line to inspire you. Hope you had time to do some quilting today.😊 


  1. Hi Linda,
    so nice to see you popup and I love your Temperature Quilt and what a fabulous backing..
    Beautiful quilting and I'm sure you'll fix the missed bit....

  2. Very nice, love the bright sunny yellow. It’s -30 here today, lol.

  3. Awesome interpretation of a Temperature quilt!! Thanks for the link to more idea.

  4. It turned out great. Kudos for keeping up. I pieced mine until the end of June. LOL

  5. This is the prettiest temperature quilt I've seen! Your choice of colours - especially the pink and yellow together - is awesome.

  6. I really like the way it turned out.

  7. Your Temp Quilt turned out great, Linda! Thanks for the pattern link.


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