Sunday, January 13, 2013

A new quilty home

After spending two weeks home for Christmas, my sweet Quilty Sister left Halifax destined for her new home in Doha, Qatar.  I decided to gift her my RRCB because she fell in love with it.  She is a quilter, so she understands how much work I put into this quilt and I know she will take care of it.  She probably wont use it very much while living in Doha, but she will for sure when she moves back to Canada in the future. 

I finished Step #1 of Darlene's Mystery today.  I am loving it!  Can't wait for the next step


  1. Love your snowballs...the fabrics are gorgeous! I also love to give special quilts to my sisters...they appreciate them so much! RRCB is in good hands!

  2. Your snowballs look wonderful Linda , and your sister is very lucky to be given such a gorgeous quilt ,I am sure she will treasure it always !


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