Monday, October 18, 2010

All about HandQuilting

I have decided to dedicate this week to hand quilting...I started hand quilting my Spring Morning quilt way back in January..OmGosh..I better get at it! So, I will not go in to my sewing room for one sewing machine is off limits..only one week..I have to make some headway on this quilt to get it out of the chair in my family room. Here's a pic showing all my favs for handquilting.


  1. I have that same hoop for hand quilting, and really enjoy holding the quilt on my lap to work. How relaxing, you make me want to put something in my hoop...but a week without my machine?! Nah, ah! *-)

  2. I have a couple of partially hand quilted quilts. I will get to them but I'm in the middle of sewing a dress and there's a deadline to it. It's nice to see other hand quilters in these days of machine, machine, machine.


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