Monday, November 26, 2018

Three Finishes for Me!

Three more projects crossed off my list.  WooHoo! 

Firstly, A very special quilt.  Special because it is a friend quilt.  A quilt made by two friends. Very good friends.  Karen @KaHolly and Me.  Karen pieced and hand appliqued the top and I basted it together and free motion quilted it.   Not sure yet what will happen with this quilt, but for now it lives with me! 

Second... "Niagra Falls 2018"  This quilt was gifted just recently.  I made it for my nephew, who lives in Toronto, and while visiting him this past July, he took me for a little daytrip to Niagra Falls.  The water was just this colour that day.  This is from the pattern "Icy Waters" by Amy Garro.  

    and the back. 

Finish #3........a quick and easy lap quilt made from a layer cake,"Metro by Amy Ellis"  and some charm squares of Kona white.    Here's the tutorial I used 

Hope you had time to finish something up today.  It feels so good.  😊


  1. All great finishes. Well done! I've been considering the last pattern for a project.

  2. Total gorgeousness, Linda. Such exuberant quilting!!

  3. Three beautiful quilters. I must say that the Friend Quilt was a delight to see in person.

  4. Oh I love them all... the joint quilt is so fun and your quilting shows off the piecing/applique perfectly.... Niagra falls is so fun and clever too...

  5. Beautiful quilts, Linda! I love how Niagara Falls 2018 captures the tumble and spray of the water. And of course the quilt you made with Karen is amazing! I'd love to see some close up photos of the applique. The shadow/ghost quilting of those leafy shapes is just brilliant :)

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely!! Your quilt with Karen is stunning - I should hold on to it for as long as you can lol. The waterfall quilt is stunning - how can something so icy be snuggly and warm - I am sure that it is. And what a simple but effective design Metro is. Great to see some of your work Linda. xx

  7. wow Linda your work is amazing such beautiful quilts ,love the quilt that you and Karen made and love the colours you have used in the ther one,well done.

  8. Well, now, Miss Linda, how did I ever miss this delightful post? Someone emailed me and told me they saw 'our' quilt, blah, blah, blah, and I couldn’t figure out where she came across it. (She wanted more pictures!). All three finishes are Sew gorgeous, my friend. A recent visitor commented, “Is that all you do is sew? Every time I turn around, your either sitting at that sewing machine or standing at the ironing board.” Umm, yeah! Could be worse, right? What does everyone who doesn’t make quilts do to fill their time? ~wink~


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