Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Closer Look

The other day, I quickly posted about a quilt that Karen and I made. PS..Karen, we need a name for our quilt!

51" x 56"

and thought you might like to see some close up shots of Karen's applique work and my free motion quilting.  Karen hand appliqued the leaf shapes into a sweet design and then added the solid off- white fabric to each side of her strip of loveliness.

All that negative space made me giddy...seriously...I just knew it would be a fun challenge for me to fill all that space.   The only thing that I knew I wanted to stitch before I started, was that I wanted to repeat the line shape of  Karen's strip of leaves.  I stitched it out in a dark teal Aurifil colour #4093 40wt. for the outer part and a lighter teal Aurifil colour #5006 50wt for the inside lines. 

And the rest just happened!  


On the left hand side of the strip of lovleyness, I quilted in my favourite fashion.  I call it "This Way and That Way" FMQ. I call it that because when people ask me how I do it I just tell them I go this way and that way.  And oh yes, there is also body movement to help with the verbal description!

And on the back, I used a wide back by Carrie Bloomston and finished off with a teal binding to match the inner sashing.  

All in all, a super fun project and one that I will treasure forever.  Good friends + Good Quilts =  Happy 

Have a quilty day! 😄


  1. Oh my gosh! You two have created a masterpiece. I have a sit-down quilter, but I still have to do the whole body movements too. Great workout!

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing! You and Karen created a work of art. Awesome! And yes, you need a name!

  3. That's wonderful. You two create such great work together.

  4. I just love it and enjoyed seeing the close ups.... of course I had to do a bit of 'my way that way' body movements and I really must try filling up neutral space like that... I think I am a bit regimented!

  5. Lovely to see all your beautiful quilting and the applique fabrics are gorgeous. xx

  6. I think a hanging sleeve is in order for this art piece. You and Karen did an amazing work of art.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the detailed photos! I love it!!

  8. You both did a lovely job on this quilt! Amazing quilting, Linda.

  9. I enjoyed seeing close ups of your amazing FMQ talent, Linda. I just know that when I finally see this quilt in person, I’m going to be even more amazed at how you brought my simple design to life. Wel will definitely have to brainstorm a name next time we are together! On another note, I’ve witnessed your sewing style while working with you in The Sty, and you put your whole body into every stitch you take, even at your domestic machine, even sewing straight seams. You’re a lot of fun to watch! You’re a lot of fun, period!

  10. Love the close up photos. You gals did an amazing job.


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