Saturday, February 14, 2015

Solid Fun!

I am linking up with Jennifer  @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge for her challenge to create your own curated FQ bundle of Kona Solids.

I am a solid fabric lover from a way back.  My very first quilt that I made 23 years ago, had solid borders.  I seem to add a solid fabric somewhere in my quilts.  I have a small collection of Kona solids in yardage and a bucket or two of scraps  as well as a giant trunk full of older Papillion solids.
My Kona collection is now mostly the blues and greys.  I seem to be attracted to those mostly.  Today I purchased these six Konas (more blues!) while shopping at It's Sew Time, my LQS. I just wanted to add these to my stash.
from the top to bottom --Cactus, Cyan, Lagoon, Peacock, Cayenne and Cerise

For the challenge...I had just recently purchased two pieces of  printed  fabric and will definitely be adding solids to whatever quilt I make with them, so I chose to use  Palette Builder to give me a hand in picking just the right shades to go with the prints.  Now I need to go shopping again because the only colour I have is the Iron!

Fabric #1

Fabric #2

I am a bit lazy at keeping my Konas tagged so that I know what colour names I have and therefore I keep buying the same colours.  I am going to try and improve on that in the future.

Yes I heart Kona solids!

Hop on over to the linky and check out what everyone else is doing.  Better yet, why not join in.  I hear there will be a giveaway!

Hope you got a chance to do some quilting today!


  1. I love the elephant fabric too! Great fabrics here!

  2. Those solids are going to be awesome with those elephants. Both sets are wonderful.

  3. The palette builder is so handy for matching solids to prints. I do love the elephants, too. :)

  4. What fun! I just picked up a handful of solids the other day. Am going to have to check out this palette builder! Looks like a useful tool! Stay warm and safe!

  5. Hmmm... more confirmation that I have a Kona problem. From your initial photo, the only ones I don't have are Cyan and Cayenne! Thanks for linking up, Linda! So glad you got your #stormfabric yesterday and weren't planning a mission for today!

  6. Great colours, Linda. Why doesn't it surprise me that you have a trunk full of fabric.

  7. Linda you are one smart cookie to actually plug your fabrics into the Palette Builder! LOL that didn't even occur to me. I am in LOVE with your two combos - especially the floral - Oh My! Heh heh and I see what you meant about Elephants on the brain. Lorna's Elephant Parade was a really fun quilt - you should do it someday! I started following you back (bloglovin') and look forward to seeing what you do next!

  8. Love your new prints!!! excellent colors

  9. This is the perfect use for the Palette Builder. I have a Kona colour chart but it does' have the newer colours.

  10. Love that you used the Palette Builder to match that Cotton & Steel print! Those are such a lovely combo!

  11. Gorgeous fabrics, both of them. Interesting to read about your approach to it all and the whole 'fabric builder' thing! xCathy

  12. What great fabrics all around! And it's neat to see how you decide on your color/fabric choices.
    Happy stitching, Judy

  13. Just found your blog. Thanks for the link to Palette Builder. I wasn't't aware of that great tool.
    I got your link from The Q and U blog.

    Christine in Ontario


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