Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sheila's Valentine Postcard Swap

It is OK now to show you the fabric postcards I made as a participant in Sheila's PostCard Swap.  The three postcards I made and sent have been received and enjoyed.

This one was sent to Eglea in Brazil ... I tried my hand at a little lettering in Portugese.

This one I made for Judy in Boise, Idaho

And Judy made this one and sent it to me...She handpainted the background fabric.  So cool!

I made this one for Jeanneke in Holland...her birthday is on Valentine's Day.

I enjoy making postcards and then sending them all over the world. Oh yes, and so nice to receive them as well!  It is such fun to open your mailbox and see a little piece of fabric art.  Each one is unique and very thoughtful.  Thanks so much to Sheila for taking the time to coordinate all the swappers.  You rock!
I enjoy it so much, that I will be hosting a Fabric Postcard Workshop at my house on Sunday (weather permitting).  I offered up this class to my lovely little guild to help with some skill mastering  and also to maybe pass along my excitement for making these little beauties.

Hope you get a chance to do something quilty today!


  1. Those are all so pretty. They are such fun to send and receive.

  2. Thanks again for the gem-mish postcard you made for me!
    I love it.
    May your Valentine's Day be happy too, Linda!
    Cheers and a big hug,


  3. Your cards are really lovely Linda. I like the edging you put on yours - very classy!

  4. They are all lovely. Have not tried making one, as yet. Happy Valentine's Day to you, your guild and your blog readers.

  5. Wow, Linda! Your postcards are amazing. When you are rich and famous, can we still be friends?

  6. Beautiful post cards, Linda, both sent and received! :)

  7. All of the postcards are just awesome , love them all ! How great to be hosting a lesson on making postcards , the girls will have a blast I am sure , hope the weather holds off .

  8. All beautiful cards Linda - and such lovely people too. xx

  9. Todos os cartões são lindos!
    Amei as palavras em portugues! Estão corretas! Você é muito gentil!
    Você sabe que no meu idioma "Linda" significa muito bonito?
    O encontro para costurar cartões será muito bom. Gostaria de morar perto.
    Um abraço!

    All cards are beautiful!
    I loved the words in Portuguese! Are correct! You're very kind!
    You know that in my language "Beautiful" means beautiful?
    The meeting sewing cards will be very good. I would like to live near.

  10. Thanks so much for the wonderful postcard that you sent me! I have it on my sewing desk :-) That's neat that you are teaching a class on making them. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  11. What great postcards. Can't wait to come learn on Sunday. Teach us!!

  12. Linda these each are so very beautiful!


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