Friday, May 9, 2014

Quilty fun! and some not so quilty fun!

I am still recovering from all the excitement and inspiration from attending the May meeting of my lovely little guild, The Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.  Check out the link to read more.   I was the entertainment, sorry, the program for the evening.  lol  I had such fun showing all my guild mates and a few newcomers, how I approach free motion quilting.  I was a bit flustered and tripped over some words and forgot to say some things that I had planned, but all in all, I think that it went well. I  kept in mind some words of encouragement that I received from a few of my on-line quilting friends and that helped.
Maybe I will be asked to share again in the future. nudge nudge wink wink
I know, my face is really flushed, but it is a good flushed. 

Retired Hub and I have been working on a project the past little while.  We are repairing a set of four 25 year old outdoor chairs. Knitty Sister bought this set brand new and when she downsized from her house to a condo we ended up taking possesssion.   As you can see, the frames are PVC and have withstood the use just fine but the blue vinyl support of each chair has been destroyed beyond help, so we made new ones. It's hard to see but they are disintegrating at the top edge. They just weren't safe to sit in anymore.    We replaced the blue mesh vinyl with a white, more tightly woven vinyl mesh.  Bought the entire lot of new vinyl for next to nothing at the end of last year. RetiredHub did all the measuring and cutting and then helped me with the sewing.  I used my 20 year old Kenmore and had very little trouble sewing through such thick layers of plastic.  I used a Superior 100/16 Titanium Topstitch needle and Wonderfil 50# Konfetti cotton.  Sure did the job!  We should be able to get a few more years of use. 

add new cushions..and Voila! Awesome  outdoor furniture for the deck. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you got some quilting done today!


  1. Great job with your chairs! They are awesome! I love upcycling!! Retirement is good, eh?

  2. You gotta love the free motion classes. it is simple to show people what to do but to put it into words for direction sometimes it can be a challenge. I am certain you did very well.
    Nice job on eh chairs. I love those!

  3. Great job! Maybe you could come do some reupholstering for me??

  4. I know you did well with your demo , I had some inside spies tell me ;-) wonderful job on the chairs , they look awesome and the cushions give them new life and charm ! Happy Mother's Day !

  5. It's great to re-purpose old items and give them new life. The chairs look great and the pillows are gorgeous. I loved your FMQ demonstration. You taught this old dog a few new tricks.

  6. They look great with new mesh. you did a great job. Thanks for mentioning your tools. That also makes a difference. I am contemplating summer slipcovers.

  7. This post is 2 months but whatever. I'll be soing a demo and a workshop on FMQ for my guild somewhere in the fall. I was planning to do a short demo on the evening and then a workshop for interested people on a sew-in saturday. Our guild is a bit conservative, about a third of the ladies are hand quilters only. What was the reaction at your "modern" guild, were people willing to try it ? Maybe if I have 3 to 4 people on a workshop, I will be happy.


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