Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's Happening

I have been working hard to finish up the quilt I am making for my Uncle. Here is a photo of him and Me probably summer 1953!  He is six years older than me.
I have all the stitch-in-the-ditch  and straight sewing through the homespun squares finished.  In each round of muslin I am planning on doing a different free-motion design.  Pebbles in the first one, jester hats in the second, loop-de-loops in the third.  I am just starting the fourth round of muslin.  Not sure what I will freemotion in there yet.  I am loving how it is turning out.  Just a sneaky-peek.  I hope to be able to show a finish really soon.

Another lovely birthday gift arrived in the mail today from my sweet friend in beautiful Cape Breton..Karen of KaHolly.  How cute is this.  I love it so much.  It is hanging by my coffeemaker so I can look at it  a lot through the day.
Karen also sent me some selvedges.  She knows I love them and I will use them.  Thanks so much Karen. 
I just realized that I didn't post a photo of the sweet little tea wallet that Karen sent me a few weeks ago. Aren't I lucky!!

I keep this in my purse so I can enjoy my favourite tea while I am out and about.

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  1. Love your uncle's quilt. You are doing an awesome job! Lovely to see those wonderful gifts!

  2. I love what I see of that quilt! I'm falling in love with homespuns, and need to make a quilt soon - looks so cozy!

  3. OMG I had to run and check my stash. I thought you might have raided it! I have every one of those homespuns! Love that you are using muslin in between, it really adds something special.

  4. Your Uncle is going to be excited. Love the photo you shared and your cupcake.

  5. Can't wait to see your uncle's quilt when it is finished. It's coming out beautifully! He's going to be 'over the moon'. Glad you like your gifts!

  6. Your uncle will love that quilt! You're doing a great job on the quilting! What a special gift it will be.

  7. your quilt is looking so lovely and snuggly ... love the warm manly colours and a great gift for your uncle....

  8. Terrific quilt for your uncle! That's a great photo you have of the two of you. Love your cupcake - it looks good enough to eat.

  9. The cake quilt looks so cute. I loved it. You look so cute in the picture.


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