Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Off my To-Do List

The quilt I am making for my Uncle is finished. WooHoo! a finish and in pretty quick time for me.  I just need to add the label and then decide if I want to give it to him right away or wait until Christmas. 
It measures 63" x 66"   Odd size, I know,  I made it a bit more rectangular by making the top and bottom border a bit wider than the sides.

I did stitch-in-the-ditch on both sides of the muslin borders and straight stitch down the centre of the homespun squares.  So it is quilted approx every two inches all over.  I wanted this quilt to have a lofty feel and so I didnt do dense quilting all over.  I did quilt densely in the muslin rounds.  I freemotioned a different pattern in each.  Pebbles in the centre, then jesters hats, then loop-de-loop, then swirls and finally a meander.  I used a 50# Wonderfil TUTTI in colour #TU38, a lovely  beige/ lt.grey/white variegated thread, one of my all-time favs.  I used six bobbins. I used a size 90/14 Superior Titanium Topstitch needle.   On the back I used a good quality flannel extrawide backing in a light beige colour.  It turned out just wonderful, so cozy and warm.  Now my son, Alexander wants one just like it. 

You may remember this gorgeous handquilted star block that I received as a birthday gift from Lesley
Here is how I decided to showcase my beautiful star block
proudly displayed in my kitchen so I can see it all the time.
  I fell in love with the fabric and wished I owned some of it. On Sunday I decided to go through some goodie bags that I had been given, by Lesley back in September, and guess what.....oh yes, a baggie full of lots of pieces of these wonderful fabrics.  How happy was I...soooo happy.  I went right to work and made this...
A stuffed tea cozy!  I pieced the front and there was even some little half-square triangles in the scrap bag so I made a pinwheel and then just kept adding strips around, log cabin style.  I did some freemotion stitching, added a plain back and then for warmth, heat resistant thermal batting layers and a flannel lining and then I stuffed the whole thing with fiberfill and it is just the best tea cozy I have ever owned. I saw one at an up-scale craft store for sale for 85.00 and figured I could make one.  I even used the ribbon that the scrap bag was tied with, for the tab at the top.  I still had scraps left over so I started another small project that I am still working on.  I will share that when it is completed.  Thanks so much Lesley, I enjoyed myself so much using up your scraps! 

Thanks for stopping by my little blog.
Have a quilty day!


  1. Your quilt looks so cozy!! And I love what you did with the block and your calendar.

  2. Firstly Linda some Very Happy Belated Birthday wishes for you..
    Have been sew busy haven't read any blogs for ages... Sorry.

    Love your Uncle's quilt. what a great way to make a quick quilt.

    A fabulous idea for your pretty block and love the matching Tea cosy..

  3. Great quilt, Linda! I am sure your uncle will love it! It has a very masculine feel to it - which can be difficult to achieve sometimes. And your tea cosy is really nice! I love tea pots and tea cosies and tea cups, come to think of it! lol

  4. Linda, you are amazing! The quilt is awesome and will be so loved by your uncle! Your machine quilting on the muslin is unbelievable! You are the master! It just looks like such a cosy quilt! Congrats! As for your tea cosy, you rock! You did such a terrific job...I am so proud of you, and especially happy that fabric was so useful. Sure looks pretty!

  5. Wow! You do beautiful work. I love your quilt and what a perfect idea for your block.

  6. Your quilt is beautiful, Linda. I love what you've done with Lesley's lovely star and scraps.

  7. The quilt looks fantastic - snuggly and warm. Your uncle is sure to love it!

    I love your tea cozy! You did such a great job with the scraps from the gifted block.

  8. I am super impressed Linda, the quilt is lovely and I know your uncle will love it ,absolutely perfect for a man. What a great way to display Lesley's great block and weren't you clever to make the teacosy with those beautiful scraps , wonderful!!!

  9. Linda, your uncle's quilt is perfect- he will love it. Looks masculine and beautifully quilted. Great job!! And I love the tea cosy- what a great job of using up scraps!!

  10. fantastic quilt.... wonderful for your uncle...and I love what you did with your block and matching scraps...

  11. Your Uncle's quilt looks wonderful! Great colors and design. See you soon!

  12. Yeah for you. Lots of pretty things to make you happy.

  13. First of all, that quilt!! It's wonderful. Thanks for listing what you used for quilting it for us beginner FMQers! I appreciate that very much. I just love what you did with the square Lesley sent you. It's perfect. You're a genius!! Especially for making such an awesome tea cozy from the scraps!! How serendipitous to find them in the scrap stash!! And to even use the ribbon she tied the baggie with. Did I already say you are a genius??


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