Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilty Quality Control!

The other day I posted a pic of my Step #2 in Darlene's Mystery.  I was very happy that I had completed it in good time and I thought for sure that it was perfect!
Not so!

I received a lovely nudge from Dolores, a quilty blogging buddy,  that made me examine my work and find the mistake I had made.  It took me a while but then I saw it....I had a few of the hour glass blocks turned the wrong way....So, now it is fixed and here is how it is supposed to look.
 Thanks so much Dolores.   I appreciate your lovely nudge so much.  It was an easy fix at this point.  You saved me a lot of grief in the future.  


  1. Well spotted,Dolores!I had to really study it to find any problem. If it's any consolation I have done the exact same thing with two of the four patches on my "Easy Street" top(serves me right for trying to rush it!) and now need to put them right!Lynne.

  2. It is still beautiful! Just last night I sewed together a mini-quilt and afterwards noticed that there was an incorrect block almost in the middle, so the seam ripper came out. Sometimes it just has to be fixed, doesn't it! Have a great day!

  3. It was great that Dolores picked up on the mistake , once you told me I had no problem finding it but did not notice straight off . I will have to be careful when I make them. Looks great !

  4. You're welcome. It looks lovely.

  5. I hadn't looked that closely. I'm glad someone else did.

  6. It is so easy to do. My husband is good at finding my "wrongs". When I call him in the sewing room I know he is going to examine it thoroughly.
    It is beautiful!


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