Friday, February 22, 2013

Moving along...slowly

The last few weeks have been a bit of a bummer for me.  Nothing horrible, but just enough to make me feel like taking it easy and not doing much sewing.  I had dental issues that were supposed to be a piece of cake but turned out to be very traumatic and I am still recovering.  I have just been picking away at the quilty projects on my "Do it Now" list.  I have been knitting a bit and I am learning to crochet.  I have now finished sewing borders on all the block-alongs from last year and I need to get myself prepared for " Machine Quilting Time". That is my next task.  I need to get tops quilted.  I haven't machine quilted anything for a while.

I got the borders sewed on my "Terry's Houses" quilt top.  So, it is ready for the quilting pile.  I changed my previous choice for border fabric and went a little darker blue.  .  It is a simple border option and I will bind it with the black.   I am not sure how to quilt it yet, so time will tell. 

My next quilty issue is to decide on what borders to use for this quilt top.
second quilt made with square in a square blocks
  I made this a few years ago from leftover blocks from this quilt
first quilt made from the square in a square blocks, this one has since been handquilted and gifted to my brother-in-law and wife

I went overboard with cutting and sewing and ended up making three quilt tops.
third quilt made with square in a square blocks. This one is ready for basting.  Will probably hand quilt.
I cut and sewed 148 square in a square blocks without even thinking about what I was making... I just wanted to use up my red/gold/green scraps.  These quilt tops date back to 2008.


  1. Linda, I hope you are now on the mend. Dental issues can certainly get in the way of quilting! Your quilts are fabulous. I love the houses and all three of those red, green, and gold quilts. You are such an excellent piecer and have a wonderful flare for using color. Well done!

  2. I love all your quilt tops, but it's especially nice to see the house top done. I love the black you used for the sashing. Makes me feel like I'm looking through a window at a bunch of lovely houses! :0)

  3. Love those quilts. At least you're thinking of finishing them up - even if you don't feel up to it quite yet.

  4. Those quilts are all so gorgeous. I love the dark blue border. Hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worst than dental problems in my book...

  5. What if you didn't do a border on that quilt and just bound it in green? Hope you are feeling better....

  6. It's fascinating to see the three square in a square quilts "side by side". I love to see how blocks can be arranged in so many ways and look so different. Like you I need to find some fmquilting time! Get well soon.

  7. So sorry that you too have been under the weather lately. Hopefully you are finally on the mend. I love your quilts and the dark blue border on the house one works well. Good luck deciding how to quilt them all.

  8. Oh Linda , I am sorry to hear you have been having some issues , hope you are doing better now . I love all of the quilts, I am amazed you got three quilts from all of your block making , that is wonderful!Take care of yourself.

  9. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Really love how the houses turned out.


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