Monday, February 21, 2011

Ready to Wear!

This is the scarf that I just finished knitting for my son .  This is the third one I have made for him and if he doesnt wear this one then I am never making him anything ever again and he knows that.  A little background on this scarf adventure....for the last few years my son, has been wearing a ratty, tattered, holey grey scarf that was a castoff from an old roommate (I think the old roommate had thrown it in the garbage!).  My son absolutely loves this darn hideous thing (kinda like the little kid with the dirty tattered blankie)  Anyway, last year I made him a lovely scarf that was almost like the ratty one but he still wouldnt wear the new one. And then he got a new job that required him to dress well every day and still wore that darn ratty one. His boss even gave him a knitted scarf for Christmas hoping to replace the ratty one. He wouldnt wear that either so after Christmas I started this one, called Meandering Rib, and showed it to him when I started knitting it and told him he had to wear this new one or else!!  Mostly because he looks like a vagrant with the ratty one and also because it took me two months to knit this new one.   He agreed to wear it because he says he likes it and the ratty one's time has come to be put out of my misery!   

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  1. This all sounds so familiar...did I write this post?!? :)


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