Sunday, February 20, 2011

Decision Made

I had to go with Plan "B" on this one.  Im not happy but I had to move on so as not to just abandon a project.  The awesome pieced borders for this quilt did not fit....aarrrrggghh....and there was no way to make them fit. Even if I could have reworked them to make them fit, I had run out of the fabric to do it!.  Anyway, I added two plain borders and I will machine quilt this to use as a lapquilt.  I have no idea how I messed up so badly.  I'm pretty sure it was me and not the pattern and I may try this again some other time.  My sister and her quilt group are going to make this pattern so I am anxious to see how they make out. Obviously I wont be any help to them if they have questions! Here's a pic of how it should have looked  (with the awesome borders!)  Oh well.                                         


  1. It really sparkles, Linda! The plain border is a nice option to let the main patchwork have centre stage. I'd say that was a good decision!

  2. Just my 2 cents, but I really like the plain borders. It shows up the central part much better than the pieced borders would have.

  3. Having made several of her quilts, I don't think the mistake was yours - trust me on this one!!! I have found numerous mistakes in her patterns and her fabric requirements don't leave much room for mistakes. Personally, I think it came out great and the plain borders allow you to focus on the design.


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