Tuesday, May 19, 2020

My "Reminiscence"

I bet my MMQG friends will be surprised to see that I have finally finished this quilt.  I have been dragging it back and forth to our Sew Ins to work on for several years now trying to get the handquilting finished.  I lost interest in finishing it when I discovered that I only wanted to be a free motion quilter and my handquilting came to a standstill. There was a only a bit done on it and I had a long way to go but I didn't have time for handquilting anymore.  With the Stay at Home thing going on I figured now was the time to get the handquilting finished up.  I am in love again!  It turned out so soft and cuddly and lovely and get this....I stopped handquilting at the borders and finished up the two borders with free motion quilting on my Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0.    I threw a little modern into a traditional quilt.  I made it mine! Awesome!

A bit about this quilt.....

From the pattern by Rabbit Factory ..."Reminiscence" 

I only did 9 blocks and omitted the swag border.  My thought was to use mine as a wallhanging in my livingroom which, at the time, I had painted to match the tan colours! Change of plan...this will not be going on my livingroom wall now. I know someone who will love to own this.  It will be gifted. 

All the fabrics for the applique were given to me in kit form by some awesome friends of mine who were members of the Marco Polo Quilt Guild in Saint John, NB, when I lived there in the early 90s.  I hand appliqued the blocks using the back-basting method taught to me by a wonderful friend and amazing appliquer, Kathy Barton.  Miss you!  

May 2011 - There are 175 - 3" nine patch blocks to make up the sashings.  Each of those has a triangle sewn to each corner. That's 700 triangles!  

March 2013 - started handquilting 

May 2020 -  Finished!  Yahoo!  Off my list and off my mind!

My favourite block  

Take care, stay safe and I hope you get something finished up.  It's a great feeling!

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