Tuesday, January 8, 2019

"Block Lotto Love'

Finish #2 for 2019  -  "Block Lotto Love"

                                   Measures 66" x 80"

Quilted in FreeMotion by ME - tea leaf quilting in the blocks and clamshell quilting in the inner border of "Nummers".  
Thread used Aurifil white #50# 
Batting - Quilters Dream select in white 
Quilted on my Pfaff PowerQuilter 16.0 

The backing fabric is "Cruzin" by Barbara Jones of Quiltsoup for Henry Glass & Co. 

                                    This Quilt's story
The block is called "Sparkle".  I won the blocks last fall at my guild's Block Lotto draw.  It works like this...if you want to participate, you make as many blocks as you like and then you receive a ticket number for each block you enter.  So if you make three blocks, you get three chances to win all the blocks. My ticket number was drawn so I won enough to make two quilts but decided to only make one quilt and passed along the remainder so someone else in my guild could make a quilt to
I added an inner border of my beloved "Nummers" to brighten things up a bit.  
When you sew together blocks made by so many others, you are bound to find things don't go together as well.  Just takes some trimming or stretching to make it all work.  The other issue is have fabrics been washed previously or not and the worry of bleeding.  I was worried about all the navy fabrics bleeding, including the Kona Storm that I used for binding but I used 4 
Dr. Beckmann colour collectors and no problem at all.  After a turn in the dryer, out came a soft, supercuddly quilt.  

Have you ever participated in a Block Lotto before?  It's always so much fun to win! 😄 


  1. Great quilt and great story, you really turned these blocks into a winner .

  2. I like that " quilted by me" :) so many send them off it is nice to see that yo do yours - I can't stand the thought of paying someone to do any of mine. Love your quilt

  3. Another great finish! The blocks went together well. Love the 'word' fabric.

  4. Looking great. You still have Nummers?? I have a small piece, and I'm hoarding it.

  5. It turned out amazing! I’ve sewn blocks made by others together a few times and sometimes, it can be a challenge, but it always works out beautifully in the end, as did yours. Any plans for this one?

  6. This this is beautiful, love the Nummers fabric.

  7. Well I think it looks amazing and wonderful that they were blocks that you won. Adding that inner border was inspired! Great finish. x

  8. Neat quilt! The Nummers inner border really makes it sing, I think. I've never heard that quilting pattern called "tea leaves" before. I call them "orange peels," and think they are fun to stitch.

    My guild does a lotto each month, but only half the blocks go into the drawing. The other half stay with the lotto organizer, and she makes quilts for specific charities with them. We are free to use the blocks we win in any way. I've only won once so far, very fun :)

  9. Fabulous quilt made from the Lotto..

  10. Nice finish. I like the colorway used.


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