Monday, June 1, 2015

A Wonderful Quilty Day

Yesterday I attended the Thistle Quilt Guild's annual quilt show which took place in Westville, N.S.   The guild is very prolific and their show is always a feast for the eyes.  I met up with my quilting blog buddies, Sheila, Lesley and Karen, aka The Nova Scotia Quilting Bloggers Quartet.  It was so wonderful to see them.  We walked around and looked at all the quilty goodness and then went to the tea room for a chat and also to exchange our swap gifts.  Last fall Karen came up with the idea to make something for each other using an embroidered initial pattern.  We had lots of time to make something and the results were fantastic!

Sheila made me a gorgeous batik totebag in my fave colours and used a beautiful antique turquoise button for the closure. I love how she used different thread colours to stitch out the embroidery.  See the little "L" in the upper left corner.  Very cute!  She also included a really nicely made wallet and a cute little needle holder that she needle felted.  Thanks Sheila! Love 'em all!  

 I made Karen a cover for her KitchenAid mixer.  I used linen dish towelling that I bought by the metre and then stitched the embroidery with a dark red floss.  So I guess the "K" is for Karen or KitchenAid!

Karen made Lesley just the cutest bag.  It can double as a drawstring bag or a little tote bag.  Great stitching job too!  

Lesley made Sheila an awesome tote-bag with stitching on both sides.  


Also, during the show I met up with Debbie and Sheila.  And then Carol popped in to say hello. So nice to see them all.  So, it was a friend-filled day for me!  

The other amazing part of my day was that I spent most of the day helping Chris, the owner of  Patch Halifax, set up and take care of customers in the vendors area.  Quilters were very happy and excited to see what Chris had for sale.  It was a very successful retail day.
How much fabric can you fit in the backseat of a Jetta?  This much!
 Needless to say, I was totally wiped out when I got home and went to bed early!  Unfortunately, I was too busy all day to get a nice amount of photos to show.  Just a few but be assured,  Handquilting is alive and well in Pictou County!  
Sheila's Shirts

This one reminded me of my friend KB.  

a cozy flannel quilt.  I love snowmen

So pretty in person

Just half of the quilt show.

results of Karen Henry workshop

I love a string quilt

It was a fabulous, quilty day!


  1. What a lovely day - friends, quilts, gifts, quilts, shopping!! Glad you were able to meet up with you group, and have such a great outing.

  2. It looks and sounds like it was a fabulous day. The gifts you made each other are all so wonderful.

  3. Looks like you had a great day. Glad you were able to connect with your friends.

  4. It was a wonderful day and so great to spend some time with each of you . Your photos are really lovely , I have very few due to the battery giving out .

  5. What a great day - an amazing amount of work. Lovely gifts to each other too. xx

  6. The best kind of day, quilt show, fabric, stitching and good friends. Sounds lovely!

  7. How lovely to see you all and what lovely gifts you made each other...

  8. A fabulously perfect day with friends Linda! And what sweet and thoughtful gifts you all made for each other!

  9. Sounds like a great day, Linda! I love the embroidered gifts!

  10. Looks like you had a great day. Love the gifts you all made for each other.

  11. It was truly an awesome day! Thank you for sharing such great pictures and memories! I love being part of the NSQBQ and hope we will have many more reunions at future quilty events!

  12. Looks like your four had lots of fun! Wish I could have attended this show, but a bit to far for me. Thanks for sharing some photos from the show!

  13. quilty friends are the best friends!


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