Friday, December 12, 2014

The Final Post - The Library Challenge

It's December, and time to conclude the year-long Library Challenge hosted by Adrienne from Chezzetcook Modern Quilts.  

This quiltalong has been a great success for me.  I chose 5 items from my personal book/magazine stash.  I totally finished 4 of my choices and I am now working  on finishing up the 5th quilt and will have it ready for Christmas.

Still working on my Christmas quilt.  Only 10 more blocks left to quilt.

So, I give Adrienne an A+ for hosting and another A+ for inspiration.  I appreciate all the time and energy that hosting a year-long quiltalong takes.  A job well done Adrienne!
 2014 is officially my best quilting year ever.  I accomplished my quilty goals.  My personal year was missing a few things (you know what that means KB) but I am looking very forward to 2015. Still a ton of quilts to make!

Hope you get time to yourself to do something quilty today.  Such a busy time for everyone.


  1. a very successful year for you indeed, Linda! All of your projects turned out so beautifully, you were published, you did trunk shows, you taught, and I'm sure there is more - WOW! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and 2015 brings even more quilty goodness into your life!

  2. Linda - YOU are my inspiration! and you have accomplished so much this year. Thank you for playing along with me. Next year it is all about us!

  3. What a fabulous year of finishes! You are definitely an inspiration!

  4. I have enjoyed watching you accomplish all that you did this year, Linda! You have been very productive and had so many firsts! Here's to another year of more great projects and joys of quilting!

  5. A great year indeed!!! Well done, Linda.

  6. It was a great year! So happy to have met you on this year long quilt along. Beautiful quilts were finished by all the members :)

  7. congrats - well done you for getting through them all! I managed 3/5 and I'm really happy with that!


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