Saturday, August 3, 2013

Northumberland Quilt Guild Quilt Show

 This post is very picture-heavy.(46)  I just took photos of what caught my eye and what I thought you might like to see. It was difficult to get full view shots  of some of the quilts because of the tight quarters.  Click on a picture and I think you will be able to scroll through all the photos.  I had an awesome time in Pictou visiting the quilt show.  Especially since I was able to spend that time with my quilty buddies, Sheila, Lesley and Karen.  Better known as the Nova Scotian Bloggers Quartet!  Also tagging along, was my husband Mike. He enjoys a quilt show. 
An Easy Street quilt . Very nice.

Awesome handquilting

Love the fabric hand that denotes handquilting


Tiniest Sunbonnet Sues

Sheila and Lesley oohing and aahing.  This was Mike's fav. He loved the yo-yos

Sock Monkeys hanging around!

A Roll Roll Cotton Boll .  Very nice


  1. Awesome quilts! I went to a small quilt show today, and I'd love to have the talent that some of these women have. My favorites in your pictures are the butterflies and the flowers.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos! I don't often get to quilt shows so I really enjoy when fellow quilters share their pictures. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  3. Fantastic pics! It was so nice to see the show and to meet up with you and the others. You took some great pictures and it's wonderful to see the quilts again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the revisit to the show , it was a great show and made better by having you , Mike, Lesley and Karen present . Fun day !

  5. Thanks Linda for posting photos from the show. I wish it wasn't so far for me, I would have loved to have visited this show as I have taught a few times for that Guild and know a number of the gals.. Some great work there! SO glad you shared it with us!

  6. It WAS a fun day, Linda! I so enjoyed myself.

  7. Just gorgeous. I would have liked to taken a few of those home with me. Thank you for sharing.


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