Friday, December 14, 2012

New Stuff

Have you seen Karen Neary's newest pattern yet?  Well, I have and I have ordered it.  It is available on Craftsy.  I love this pattern so much. Love the name too..."Gift Scrapped".  If you check out the link to Karen's blog you will see that you can make the sweetest table runner and placemats too .  I have several Christmas prints that I have been dying to showcase and this is just the perfect design.  My Quilty Sister and I have been wanting to make a quilt together (in different time zones...I live in Nova Scotia and she will be living in Qatar in the New Year)   Right now she is visiting her sons in Calgary, Alberta and I am sure she will be visiting a few of the lovely shops they have there. 

I want to show you the sweet coin purse I made for my niece, Katherine, for Christmas.  She is my Knitty Sister's daughter.  She will graduate in the Spring and start her career as a Pharmacist.   I ordered the pattern online from Madame |Samm on Craftsy and I ordered the 3" frame from Kelly at I Have A Notion.   I think Katherine will really love this.  She is kinda crafty herself. 
The pattern was amazing with a ton (40 photos) of instruction.  I see a few threads showing but that's OK with me for my firsttime making something like this.   I think the next time I make one I will trim the fusible interfacing a bit in the seam allowance just to reduce some of the bulk that has to fit in the channel of the frame..   I think it is wonderful for my first attempt.  I already have a few people who want me to make them one.  I used a DMC variegated perle cotton  to attach the fabric to the frame. 


  1. As soon as I get settled in TX for the winter, I want to try making a few of those cute little coin purses. I sure hope they come out as good as yours!! Your niece is going to lov eit!!

  2. Your purse is gorgeous! Your niece will love it. And Karen's new pattern is wonderful...have fun with this one!

  3. What a cute gift. I'm sure your neice will love it.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Linda! The coin purse turned out very well, what a unique gift for your special niece.


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