Sunday, June 3, 2012

Me and Jane Austen and Quilt Canada 2012

About a month ago, Heather of Books and Quilts Blog, posted about how she has made a travelling mini-quilt of Jane Austen.  Click HERE to read about how this little adventure came about. So interesting.   I offered to be the hostess of the Jane mini for a few days and show Jane what Quilt Canada 2012 in Halifax, Nova Scotia was all about.  After I am finished, the Jane mini will be passed along to someone else, who will show her around their surroundings.    I was hoping to show Jane  a " Dear Jane Quilt" at Quilt Canada 2012. but nope, not one did I see,  so I purchased the pattern book (it was on my wish list anyway) to show Jane. 

Joanne Love and Jane
Then, Jane and I met a wonderful quilter, Joanne Love and her lovely husband, who were vendors at the Merchant's Mall.  They were all the way from Whitehorse,  in The Yukon.  Joanne told Jane and I that she was making a Dear Jane quilt and that she actually had attended classes with Brenda Papadakis in California!  We were very impressed.  She showed us a few of the blocks that she was working on at the time.  Very nice! She inspired me to get going on my blocks. 

Heather MacArthur and Jane
Next, we met Heather McArthur.  The editor of Quilter's Connection Magazine. What a lovely lady!   Jane didnt know what a magazine was, but she soon found out!  QCM is a totally Canadian publication and my favourite.  I have a subscription and enjoy it very much.

Jane and I just entering the Invitational Show. So glad we can take photos.
Then it was time to check out the Quilt Shows.  Picture taking was not allowed at the National Juried Show so Jane had to stay in the envelope.  Next, we spent time looking at all the amazing quilts created by the Teachers at Quilt Canada 2012.  It was an amazing Invitational. 
Jane adored Laurie Swim's quilt art and so did I.

We couldn't find a Dear Jane Quilt, but we found a quilt with Jane's name in it. 
Jane loved this whole cloth quilt.  Not sure of the maker. 
This is my BQFF (Best Quilting Friend Forever) Kathy Barton from The Marco Polo Quilters' Guild in Saint John, N. B.  She wanted Jane to see the beautiful applique on this quilt.  Kathy helped Jane and I get lots of photos.

Then off we went to the exhibition of the Stitchery Guild of Bedford, NS.  We met Joan Tompkins and Margaret Baker.  They were very lovely and allowed Jane a chance to look at all the wonderful stitcheries created by their members.  I was in awe.  Jane pointed out a hand stitched and embroidered chatelaine that she was familiar with. 
Margaret Baker and Joan Tompkins

Then, of course, I had to show Jane my entry in the Nova Scotia Miniature Quilt Challenge. That's my little entry, just above my left shoulder, the one with the black border and the yellow sun in the corner.

Jane accompanied me for three days while I visited Quilt Canada 2012.  Both Jane and I were overwhelmed and amazed.  I spent a ton of money on new fabric and supplies and I had a great time visiting all the quilt shows.  Halifax was blessed to be part of this amazing Canadian quilt extravaganza. 

So then I thought,  Jane was born in 1775, Halifax was founded in 1749... .there must be a building still standing that was built around that time.  Sure enough...the present day Carleton..a pub...was built in 1760.  It was built as a residence for Sir Richard Bulkeley.  So Jane felt quite comfortable here.  The building was almost torn down several years back but concerned citizens got together to save it.  The empty lot that you see  is the location of our new Convention Centre, when all the powers-to-be decide to get onboard .  The frites at the Carleton are to die for.  So next time you are in Halifax, make sure to stop and check it out on Argyle St . I also found out that there is a branch of the  Jane Austen Society of North America  right here in Halifax.

Then, off to Avonport Discount Fabrics.  It is certainly a destination for any quilter. It was lovely and sunny and the view of Cape Blomidon was spectacular.  Prices are amazing and selection of quilting accessories is wonderful.  I dropped a pile of money but now I have everything I wanted and I probably wont buy anything for quite a while.  Faye, the owner, is such a sweetie.  She interrupted her busy day to take photos with Jane.  Jane was so appreciative.  This is where I bought my Dear Jane pattern book. And my batiks, and my background fabrics, and my sock monkey fabric, and my Flurry yardage, and my basting spray, and my new books, and my Kona solids (Snow and Hibiscus, yum) and my black and white text prints, and more 30s.....on and on 

Another treat for me was getting to meet a fellow Nova Scotia blogger, Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter.  We met through our blogs and arranged to meet up and spend a bit of time together at Quilt Canada.  That's the best part of blogging to me...making new quilty friends.  As Lesley and I got to know each other, we discovered that she had met my son, Nathaniel, through their jobs.  Small world.  Jane just had to have a photo with Lesley and I.

OMG,  I have had an amazing week.  Quilt Canada 2012 was a real treat for me.  I hope all the delegates had a wonderful time.  We sure enjoyed having them here. To see Dal campus crawling with quilters just made me happy!   Now I need to rest and unwind and I probably wont do any shopping for a while!! lol

Thanks so much to Heather at Books and Quilts, for initiating this great little adventure.  Jane and I had an awesome time and I hope she will remember her time in Halifax for a long time to come.  I don't know where she will go next but I cant wait to see.  Have fun Jane!

If you are interested in having Jane visit with you, please get in touch with me.  


  1. You and Jane sure had a fun and busy time. wow, so much to see and enjoy. I know of a quilter with a baby Jane on her quilting machine right now, perhaps she would be interested in hosting Jane, unless one of your readers has a baby Jane of their own. I have only made a handful of blocks, and they are all in orange.

    YOur pictures are wonderful. Thanks for showing us all around.

  2. Wow! Loved reading this post about Jane! Your pictures were wonderful showing us all the sights, fabric, quilts, and so on. Jane was a lucky lady...I bet you even paid the admission prices for her at the shows! Did Jane see lots of fabrics she liked at Avonport?

  3. Wonderful post , I attended the show on Sat. and was so impressed with all the amazing work ,including your sweet mini , loved it ! Thanks for sharing your photos and have fun with Jane.

  4. Imagine my surprise to see my quilt hanging in the CQA Invitational show in Quilter's Connections with Jane. Until I read the article I thought someone had a quilt just like mine- your article made me smile- you just never know where our work ends up!

    Daintry Chitaroni, Sudbury, ON


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