Monday, January 23, 2012

My First Mug Rug

FMQuilted with 80wt DecoBob

Room for a cookie too!
I am really attracted to all the fun mug rugs I see in blogland.  Such creative little works of art.  This one that I have made did not start out as a mug rug.  It started out after looking at BumbleBeans's tutorial on how to "make fabric" .  I loved the idea of sewing small odd shaped scraps together to make larger pieces and then using the larger pieces to cut shapes for blocks.  I had lots of tiny red pieces leftover from making the Quiltville mystery quilt so I just started sewing them together.  Then I joined Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  In this challenge, a colour is assigned each month (January is red) and you make something scrappy in that colour.  Whatever you want.  So my "made fabric" turned into a mug rug for this challenge.  


  1. Very cute mug rug , what a great use of those left over scraps!

  2. I like the way you used "made" fabric for your mug rug. It's adorable. Glad you made room for a cookie.

  3. great choice of projects, and bonus in achieving more than one goal. love your choice of binding fabric.


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