Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ready for a Mystery


You have probably heard rumblings about Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt starting soon. I'm in!  I pieced along with last year's quilt and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This year Bonnie's inspiration is a sunset in Alaska.  She suggests three contrasting colours and light background neutrals.  She is using reds, blues and blacks along with with the light background neutrals. I am using my own inspiration.  A lovely older VIP print.
So, I will be using blues, burgundy, yellow and the light background neutrals. There will be string blocks and that makes me happy. Below is a pic of the fabrics I have ready to go.  Here's to hoping my choices work, but that is part of the mystery.  Scrappy quilts rule!!


  1. I am doing the mystery too. I am using Turquoise, purple, navy blue, and yellow for my neutral. OOOOO Friday is almost here!

  2. I will be watching your progress with much interest! I did a florabunda recently after seeing it on Bonnie's blog but will maybe try her next mystery....

  3. Sounds like fun , I'll be watching your progress :-)

  4. Its going to be interesting to see how your Orca Bay is going to turn out because I'm using the exact same colours as you...


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