Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amherst is Awesome!!

I spent part of today in Amherst visiting a few of the venues included in the Nova Scotia Fibre Festival.  The 2 hour drive there was lovely.  The fall colours are ablaze.  I went to Dayle's Department Store to check out the fabrics and have a look at the quilts that were displayed around the store.  I bought three metres of a Maywood design called "No Girls Allowed".  I had bought some on a previous visit and I loved it so much I just had to get more and it was only $4.00 a mtr! I am very attracted to circles or bubbly-looking designs.  I have just started to collect polka-dot fabric so this will work well for a background when I decide what I am going to make with the polka-dot fabric.
Then I went to check out Karen Neary's Quilt Show and Sale.  What a feast for quilty eyes.  I am such a fan of Karen's designs so to be able to be in a large room full of her work was such a treat. I took lots of pics but most of them came out blurry and not good enough to post. Darn.

 This pic shows the display of dolls dressed in antique christening gown,  in the window of  Pugsley's Pharmacy

 A lovely day.  in a lovely town.  


  1. Hi, Linda: I was SO pleased you came to the show today all the way from Halifax. I feel so honoured. The day was a blast - well, actually the whole week has been one! Love all the pics you took (maybe it's a good thing the one of us was blurry?!? :) I am going to post your link, thanks for this.

  2. Wow. and WOW. : ) Great pics. LOVE Karen's red & white quilt so much!


  3. Beautiful show , is it still going on tomorrow?Thanks for sharing,

  4. I was there too... did we crosspaths and didn't know it??? Too bad....

    Linda H. and I really enjoyed the two days that we were there. We are bursting with inspiration from the show. I got some of Karen's bees honey... for me and my kids too... and some of the wax to use while hand quilting this winter...

    I have lots of pictures so watch next week when I post a few more from the quilt shows.

  5. thanks Linda for joining us at the Fibre Arts Fest and the headline!...Amherst is Awesome

  6. Great photos! Thanks for sharing with those of us who can't be there in person.


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