Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 1 - FMQ Challenge

I have joined the FMQ Challenge.  Starting today, I have promised to machine quilt every day for 14 consecutive days. I want to increase my skill level (which is probably 1 out of 10 right now!) in free motion quilting. Feathers are my aim in this challenge. I can meander and spiral till the cows come home so now I want to focus on feathers and wreaths.  My first project during this challenge will be to quilt  "My Pink Strings". To me, this string quilt does not scream for feathers. Not sure what I will do til I get it under the needle.  Anyway, I did some practice quilting on samples sandwiches.  I tried my first feather....hopefully after two weeks it will improve! 


  1. Looking forward to watching your quilting develop over the course of this challenge!

  2. you're feathers are looking good already! After 14 days you'll be a pro!


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