Friday, March 18, 2011

My Pink Strings

Another string quilt that I made in January or February of 2010.  I added the borders today so this one now goes from the "Needs Borders Pile" to the "Ready to Quilt Pile".  I have been working on adding borders to several quilt tops.(I am also trying to finish the handquilting on my Spring Morning quilt and working on 2 knitting projects at the same time.)  This quilt top measures at 53" x 65". I added a 1" (1/2" finished) white border to mimic the diagonal string in the block centres and also added a border of 2" squares. The 2" squares were gifted to me by a quilting buddy.

 I always learn something every time I make a quilt..With this quilt top I learned that I should NOT have removed the paper from the back of the string blocks  before adding my border!  I knew that in my head before I did it but I chose to give it a try and see what would happen. I figured I could deal with any stretching. Well, the stretching was crazy and I had to do some fancy sewing to get it to be as close to straight as I could.  I also should have staystitched the edge.  Lesson learned!!
This one is for my daughter. She loves pink. 


  1. Another beauty!!
    Thanks for the tip too.♥

  2. Absolutely Lovely, I just love string quilts and this one is perfect.

  3. That's a huge amount of pink scraps. It looks lovely.

    I also find that each project I undertake is a chance to learn.


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