Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Maritime Beauty

Here's a pic of "My Maritime Beauty" a design by Karen Neary.

Check out Karen's website. Karen is a Nova Scotia quilt designer from Amherst. She has designed some awesome patterns. This is my second one and I plan on doing a few more. The pattern instructions are very thorough and I really enjoyed the sewing. This one will adorn my kitchen table.


  1. That's beautiful Linda - is it hand quilted? If that were on my table, I would want to set something on each of those circles :)

  2. Absolutely lovely... I love Karen's work but I have yet to make a Maritime Beauty.. You have inspired me to get my pattern out and make one. I attended her workshop last year at the Fibre Festival( Diamonds Are A Girls's Best Friend) and I booked again for this fall. She is a super instructor! Great to connect with a fellow Nova Scotian.

  3. I didn't realize I was not connected to my blog so it did not leave my URL ..

  4. Love your beauty. That's a really nice look with the light centers. Love the scrappy spikes.... These are adictive aren't they. I'm saving small scraps for my next beauty.


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