Friday, June 11, 2010

My first Sock

I posted a while back about attempting to knit my first sock....well, I started the other day and it was a disaster. I wont bore you with the details but needless to say I had to get help to get out of my mess and the only person I know that knits is my Sister, the person I am supposed to be knitting this sock for as a surprise...well, she was very happy that I had started this venture and helped get me back on track by tinking all my mistakes. Although now the surprise is spoiled. I continue on but I fully expect to have to get her to do more tinking in the future before she receives this pair of socks as a gift!!


  1. Your sock looks great and you are making fabulous progress. I am not familiar with "tinking", but that's probably something I should learn! :)

  2. the yarn/wool looks very comfy. Great start

  3. Great socks! There is nothing like handmade socks!


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